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Six Essentials Every Bedroom Needs

There are few spaces that belong as completely to you as your bedroom. Whether you’re a teenager first exploring the excitement of decorating a space that is entirely your own or an adult who is familiar with decorating your home, your bedroom is special as the one place you can pull out all the stops to make your own.


There are some essentials that every bedroom needs in order to be a room where you can get ready for anything. Of course, you should add your own spin to each item you place in your bedroom. After all, you sleep, get ready for the day, enact your morning rituals, wind down from a long day, work, read, watch television, or even exercise in your bedroom, and every versatile space needs to be comfortable enough to meet every need.


Keep reading to learn the six essentials you should be ensuring your bedroom includes, whether you’re preparing a new space or redecorating your current room.

Comfy Duvet Set


Your bed is the focal point in your room, and probably a place you want to curl up and relax as soon as you see it. While this can be counterproductive to helping you get up and tackle the day in the mornings (the temptation to keep sleeping is much stronger in a comfortable bed), it still feels amazing to have a warm and snuggly bed to jump into at the end of a stressful day. The best way to make your bed look and feel extraordinarily appealing is by investing in a quality duvet set.


Bedding is one item in life that you don’t want to skimp on, because nothing beats the feeling of high-quality, soft, cushy bedding; you can feel the difference between this and bedding made of cheap material. And more than the feel of your duvet set, the style you choose is a perfect opportunity to create a room that expresses and welcomes you. Look around for bedding in a variety of colors, prints, and patterns until you find the one that suits the space you want to come home to.

Throw Blankets


Speaking of cozy, warm bedding that you’ll want to curl up in, don’t forget to include faux fur throw blankets around your bedroom! Faux fur throw blankets come in all colors, sizes, and fabrics (such as wool, fleece, or faux fur throws) so there’s guaranteed to be one (or many) you’ll love that match your room. You can lay your faux fur throw blanket on your bed as a contrasting color or material to your bedding, or drape it around your room as an accent. Be warned, however, that if you add a soft faux fur throw blanket to your revamped bedroom, you might never want to leave!



Speaking about your bed, make sure you have a few throw pillows to lay across your mattress. If you enjoy lounging on your bed—maybe to read, work online, or watch a movie—you can’t forget to include throw pillows to lay back on more comfortably. With throw pillows you can add dimension to the colors and patterns you’ve chosen by contrasting or complimenting your design scheme. For example, a multicolored bedspread looks incredible with throw pillows highlighting a few of the different shades in the pattern.

Textured Rugs


Every bedroom needs a rug or two to spread across the floor. Rugs are great for softening the effect of hard wood or linoleum floors, but they look great over carpet, too, because they add textures, colors, patterns, and style to a space. You can help pull your room-in-progress together with a few lovely rugs.



Because your bedroom is a place where you get dressed and ready in the morning, you want to make sure you have at least one mirror to check your reflection in. Mirrors might seem boring and basic, but there are many fun statement ones that can tie in nicely with your design sense. At the least, you can look for a mirror with a wood or metallic frame that heightens the sophistication of your bedroom. Full body mirrors are the best option if you want to see how your outfits look before you head out the door.

Wall Decorations


Lastly, don’t forget that your room is your personal space where you get to display artifacts that match your personality and inspire you. Decorate your walls with decor pieces like artwork, photography, tapestries, photos of you and your friends, shelves, hanging plants, and string lights. Now is your chance to get creative! It’s always wise to have a general idea of a color palette or concept, but don’t limit yourself too much—choose to decorate with the pieces you love!




As you work to make your bedroom your special personal space, you should know about the essential items every bedroom needs that also help you make your room your own. You can use this guide to help you redecorate your room so you end up with a cozy space you’ll never want to leave!