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Simple And Effective Ways To Keep Your Audience Engaged During The Event

Audience engagement is one fish that every marketer seeks to fetch in the marketing world. The one who becomes successful sees their brand & business achieve tremendous fame and sales. There is no secret way to engage the audience at events; every successful marketer has their recipe. 

We have tried to create our secret recipe by arranging a series of tips that would surely help you achieve the success you are looking to achieve through your upcoming events. So let’s have a detailed look into these.

Ways To Ensure Audience Engagement At Events

Audience engagement is the deciding factor for your event being successful or not. So to ensure success consider going through and applying these tactics.

Study Your Audience

It’s critical to know your audience before the event begins. Knowing as much as possible about who will be attending the event will help you better prepare and execute it, eventually enhancing engagement.

Know where they work, what role they hold, what their company does, and how you might assist them. You can make your event relevant, enjoyable, and exciting for your audience by knowing this and planning for all types of participants’ demands. For example, guests will want to interact with everything in sight when an event is entertaining.

Social Wall

The best audience engagement tool that you can involve at your events. It has been a popular prospect in recent times in events of all types. So, what exactly is it?

A social wall is a brilliant real-time representation of user-generated content created around a brand on social media on digital screens. This user-generated content is in texts, photos, and videos circulating on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. 

social media wall

The best social wall can be used for multiple business touchpoints like websites, social events, social ads, email campaigns, etc. Especially at social events, it helps engage people’s attention through its attractive and captivating look. 

Apart from this, when the audience sees other attendees’ posts getting displayed on the social wall, they become intrigued to post in a bid to appear on the social wall. This increases engagement around the brand resulting in enhanced social media presence, a sense of trust, an increase in sales, etc. 

Keynote Speakers

What good is an event if the speakers and workshops aren’t up to par? After all, attendees are there to learn, network, and share their experiences, suggestions, and knowledge. So make sure you have engaging and instructive workshops planned and well-known speakers. This will encourage people to attend your event. 

The more people attend your event, the more interactive it gets. Sessions and keynotes are also excellent methods to engage audiences even further.


During your event can seriously enhance audience participation. Microblogging varies from typical blogging in that it uses different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest to deliver content that is short and contains real-time visuals.

With this knowledge, microblogging becomes a valuable tool for enhancing audience engagement. Your social media followers can interact with you and offer their comparative perspectives on attending the event.

This is a fantastic place to share information between the company and the client and a terrific opportunity to supply others with helpful information and ideas about the subject.Live Polls

Live polls are an excellent technique to stimulate audience participation and engagement. In addition, they’re easy to use and can be included in event presentations.

Live polls are a simple way to obtain feedback from a virtual audience. You can inquire about everything from what people think of your presentation. The poll’s results can be displayed in real-time for everyone in the audience to see. It can aid in achieving business objectives, enhance audience engagement, and encourage them to join in the debate.

Live polls are also an excellent way to collect information. They can poll your audience on various issues, and the results can be utilized to inform future initiatives or products. 

Give Something Extra

That is, provide attendees with the opportunity to receive something in exchange for attending your event or stopping by your booth. For example, this may provide a discount if they sign up for your product during the event, unique or personalized goodies, a VIP ticket to after-parties or brunches, or even complimentary product consults. 

These benefits pique guests’ attention and encourage them to learn more about your product, interact with your floor staff, and participate more actively at the event.

Wrapping Up

We are sure that if you follow these ideas around audience engagement, you will achieve all the objectives you want your business to succeed. A social wall plays a crucial role in engaging your audience.

So if you want to ensure that you create an engaging social wall on your first attempt, you should try Taggbox. It is the best social aggregating tool since it comes with brilliant customization, personalization, and moderation features.

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