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Service Apartment is an Awesome choice for business Travelers

If you are traveling frequently for your business meeting and conference!! Then staying in hotels isn’t a good idea. If you are traveling once in fifteen days and staying in hotels will be very expensive. The wise and smart idea to cut down your staying expenses is to stay in a service apartment. If you often visit Bangalore for your business meeting then Home Stay is the right option. Our service apartments in Bangalore for monthly rent are very cost-effective. And you can get all ambiance in one platter to comfort your tardy life.

Staying in a service apartment is better than staying in some other creepy hotels. Now service apartment is becoming more popular among the business crowd. For business travelers accommodation does not mean just a place to sleep, but a place to live, work and feel like a home experience. Same you can enjoy hotel-like comfort during your long-term stay. If your business trip is for one month then a monthly stay in Bangalore is a great option. My homestay in Bangalore provides you a monthly basis service apartment service within your pocket value.

First, let’s dive into why a service apartment is different from a hotel stay.

A hotel room can be bounded with certain restrictions especially if business travelers are spending certain amounts of valuable time away from home. Staying in a small bedroom for a month, a week isn’t a pleasant experience. However, when you look at the serviced apartment it is different from a hotel. Take Homestay in Bangalore, for example, they offer 1 bhk and luxury service apartments at a genuine price including a full living room, dining room, kitchen, and complimentary WIFI and access to 24/7 security facilities.

What do you need From Serviced Furnished Apartments?

Serviced apartments are the perfect combination for business travelers as they offer superb amenities for their comfort and luxury feeling. Here are some of the grounds why you expect to have this apartment.

Well maintained cleaning services: Many furnished apartments come daily, weekly housekeeping services to make your environment dirt-free. If you are planning for a monthly stay in Bangalore then it is the right one.

Free WI-FI: Gone are those days when you had to share a slow internet connection with other guests in hotels. Almost all serviced apartments have high personal broadband and fast WIFI connection

All domestic appliances dishwashers, ironing boards, iron, washing machines, and other luxury ambiance too. Huge space, parking lot, and well-secured safety system

Reasons to Consider Why business holders Choose serviced apartments for their staying

There is no doubt that furnished apartments are a great option for the corporate world. Some of the key points you need to know are why business travelers love to stay at a serviced apartment.

Personal Privacy can be maintained

The specialty of service apartments is that your privacy can be retained which you need after coming from your busy schedule. The temporary residence will give a bundle of relaxation and happiness after a long day of work. Most of the serviced apartment is located in a quiet peaceful environment, thus working in a silent environment will increase your productivity.

Convenience accessibility

Most of the serviced apartments have well connectivity of road, railway station to facilitate time travel. It is easy to find such a well connectivity furnished apartment most of it is found in major cities and towns. Your employee could get a chance to commute easily by using any public transport. You need to worry about daily parking fees if you are planning to rent a vehicle for your corporate commuting. Our Homestay monthly stay in Bangalore is good for you to stay freely.

More Space of comfort

service apartments in Bangalore for monthly rent provide you with huge space to stay comfortably. In a typical hotel room, you will feel suffocated with less space. Squeezed space will affect your working mood and productivity. To increase, productivity the enclosed hotel room is not suitable for you. You need a spacious and not too crowded serviced apartment to get your corporate mood.

Feel Home-like Environment

A furnished apartment is specially designed in such a manner that you feel like you are in your own home. This especially feeling will urge you to work more freely and comfortably. The wide space, best amenities like in-unit laundry, machine TV, sets and WIFI. Choose the residence which will give you a home-like feeling. And homestay service apartments in Bangalore for monthly rent are a good moment for you. Additionally, it comes up with all cookware furnished kitchen room if your food lover then it is great for you.

Flexible Business Pricing Plans and good for long stay

Furnished apartments are good for cost-saving compared to a hotel. Most of the serviced apartments never charge extra for basic amenities. Your employee can cut down its money and can allocate it to other necessary expenses. Most of the furnished room gives facilities for staying monthly where you can enjoy all under one umbrella. And Homestay is perfect monthly stay in bangalore for your perfect stay.


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