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SEO website audit from A to Z

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Information about SEO audit service can be found on the Internet. Unfortunately, they are usually split into many different publications.

Often, in order to get a complete picture of what an SEO audit should look like, you need to read a large number of publications on various sites. In this article, we have collected all the information about SEO audits. Check out our sample SEO audit service where you can prepare your own free SEO audit.

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a service whose purpose is to create a document containing a set of recommendations, comments, and tips for the site under investigation. The comments collected during an SEO audit used by the programmers, editors, and others associated with the website to do even more good SEO work.

Regardless of the website for which the SEO audit will carry out and by whom the service will perform, usually the goals of the SEO audit are similar, for example:

  • an overview of all elements important for SEO on a given page,
  • evaluation of optimization and tuning of each of the elements important for SEO,
  • indication of the strengths and weaknesses of site optimization,
  • tips on how to improve the optimization of this element,
  • identifying problems with adapting the site to the recommendations for webmasters.

A properly optimized website is important because more and more of Google’s search engine focus is on making robots user-friendly and indexing. In order for a website to be both user-friendly and robot-friendly, it must adapt to the latest usability trends and adapt to the recommendations of webmasters (in the case of the Google search engine).

When to conduct an SEO audit?

When conducting an SEO audit, there are several critical situations to consider.

Website creation process

In a situation where we are planning to create a new website, it is good to show the graphics or layout to an SEO specialist. This will allow you to enrich the website documentation with additional notes for developers and programmers. Thanks to this, already at the stage of writing a site, you can avoid many mistakes and take advantage of possible opportunities.

Such an audit is very specific because it is often based on material that cannot be verified with available tools. You have to check many elements yourself. SEO audit of the layout is a kind of test of the skills of an SEO specialist.

It is practically impossible to conduct a free SEO audit of the page layout. There is no tool that analyzes the layout of a website and uses it to identify opportunities and threats. Why should we order such a check or carry it out ourselves.

Conducting an SEO audit at this stage can protect the site from various problems that may later be irreparable.

The moment the site was created

Unfortunately, this is one of the most popular options. The finished website is handed over to an SEO specialist with a request to conduct an SEO audit. Most often, comments are limited to reporting major issues, including, for example, meta tags or keyword saturation.

The audit of such a newly created website most often focuses mainly on the technical aspects that the owner can use “now” or after further promotional activities on the Internet.

Often conducting a website audit is just art for art. Because the website owner no longer has a solid budget to make any possible fixes to the website. So, an SEO audit is a document that is created and sent straight to the mailbox.

Conducting an SEO audit at this stage can be very problematic or even pointless in the case of a reluctant site owner. However, if we know that an SEO audit can still have a positive impact on the planned website promotion on the web. It is worth conducting such an audit.

You can also try doing an audit yourself using the help in this article or one of several tools to help you do it.

The moment of making key changes

Audits with an analysis of the introduction of key changes can be carried out as many as you like. However, most often it is primarily about the service of checking the site’s performance. Before the operation, making changes and subsequent analysis after the modification.

Most often, owners decide to conduct such an SEO audit when changing the appearance of the site to a new one. It is not uncommon for a website structure to be changed to one that is more complete and in line with the company’s changing offerings. There are also situations when the site owner changes the domain or merges several sites into one. There are many possibilities.

An SEO audit in these situations usually consists of looking for opportunities, threats. And keyword analysis to use to “attack” new or changed content in the search results. SEO audit in this case is unlikely to be a comprehensive assessment of the entire site. But will only be an analysis of a certain part of the page.

To do this, you can use several tools that will help you analyze even a part of the page or even keywords. You can also try auditing yourself.

Elimination of threats / fines

The life of the site is different. Sometimes a few not fully thought out decisions can lead to the fact that the site penalized by the search engine. This could be a content fine, incoming links, or even reporting a site hacking issue.

SEO audit will turn into an analysis and a set of actions aimed at eliminating the problem. This could be preparing – after analysis at the time – a file for a disavowing link tool, analyzing the content on a website and making recommendations for improvement, or diagnosing a website and removing the source and consequences of an intrusion.

However, it all starts with SEO analysis, with the only difference being that most often the result of the work is not in the form of a document.

Intercepting a client from another SEO agency / specialist or starting a business

Most often, changing the company / person responsible for promotion or just promotion on the network requires checking the actions of this person. However, this is not about checking whether what is written in the report really happened (although this is important). But about whether the strategy implemented so far was good and planned for a long time.

In addition, starting an adventure with website promotion on the Internet should be based on a well-thought-out strategy. Which is preceded by an SEO site audit, competition, and everything that can be useful in future activities.

An SEO audit in this case is basically a competition analysis. An analysis of the visibility of a website in search results. And, depending on the website, perhaps also an audit of the website itself. Most often, the audit conducted in such a situation is the most complete.

To sum up

Of course, in other cases a comprehensive audit cannot carried out, but in this particular case it is highly recommend.

Here is how you can list other cases in which it is worth doing an SEO audit. However, these are probably the most important moments when it is worth smiling at an SEO specialist and conducting an audit.


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