COVID-19 regulations, as well as safety measures, are complicated and subject to alter as provinces and the federal government come up with specifics. Despite the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, some aspects will not change. This includes how London taxi firms should operate during

COVID-19 regulations, as well as safety precautions, are complex. And may be altered as provinces and the federal government develops the details. Despite the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, certain things will be the same. This includes the way London Dagenham cabs firms should operate during this time of crisis. 

The Reopening Ontario Act contains most of these guidelines. The act was drafted to assist people and businesses in a safe return to normalcy.  This isn’t only intended for Heathrow Taxi Service customers but everyone.

This does not intend to be legal or medical advice, but rather a public service announcement that informs our drivers of what they can expect when they get on a London Airport Cabs Service.

Let’s review these guidelines:

Employers are accountable for screening employees before they start their shifts.

Passengers and drivers must wash their hands using soap or water, or apply hand sanitizer (with an alcohol content of 70% or more).

This should be done immediately following any contact with cash or the personal belongings of passengers. The signs are there to stop coughing and coughing.

London Cabs Service companies provide cleaning services which include:

Surfaces that come in direct contact with the passenger’s Hands must be cleaned and disinfected every day at least once.

The process must be repeated following the transportation of a person who is sick (coughing or sniffing) or passengers who have respiratory problems (sneezing) Brampton Taxi

We also employ other preventative measures to protect the course of London Airport Taxi Heathrow Taxi Services:

Promoting preventative measures by communicating to passengers by phone or by posting signage.

We strongly suggest the installation of partitions made of plastic between the back and front seating areas.

Drivers and passengers must wear masks during their journey. To ensure the highest level of safety and protection for the eyes, Redbridge Minicabs Service in London is required to wear medical-grade masks, especially when helping passengers carry luggage or other things.

Although this isn’t all that is required, it does transmit an important signal that our passengers are secure in our company.

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