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Secure Storage Jar -7 Tips For Dealing With Hard-To-Open Attractive Kitchen ‘Fashion’ Statement!

Certain packaging for food or products is incredibly difficult to open. It can be even more difficult for those who suffer from stiffness, joint pain, and swelling that is caused by osteoarthritis. Yes, the packaging serves a function however eliminating it is a breeze and does not cause pain.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an airtight, vacuum-sealed container or a highly secure plastic clamshell container; everything you’ll need to open those difficult-to-open storage jars with lids is already available in your kitchen.

1.   Make Use Of A Can Opener To Break Open The Plastic Packaging

What’s more frustrating than impenetrable plastic packaging in clamshells? Even scissors can’t make it so easy to access the contents inside. You can try an opener for cans. Simply place it on the edge and then move it through the package in the same manner as you would with a can. Take it three-quarters of the way around, and the packaging will split open.

2.   Utilize A Rubber Band, Or Gloves Made Of Rubber To Release Lids Of Jars That Are Stuck

Making glass storage jars with lids open for the very first time may be a learning experience in perseverance and strength. If you’re not trying for a workout on the stove, you’re likely to have to create some friction to prevent your hands from sliding off the smooth glass container.

Place one rubber band on the lid, and another around the jar. Then put your hands between the two rubber bands and then twist. You’ll be able to hear the thrilling “pop!” in no time. The use of plastic wrap, rubber gloves, or even plastic gloves will accomplish the same thing in the event that you don’t have rubber bands in your possession.

3.   You Can Also Use Duct Tape Unseal Lids That Are Stuck To The Wall

What are the problems that duct tape won’t solve? To remove the cap of glass storage jars with lids that are stuck you can make a pulley mechanism using the help of duct tape. You’ll need a piece of duct tape approximately 1 foot long. The tape should be positioned so that the edge is aligned with the tape to the lid’s bottom and begin applying it to the lid.

When you’ve got at least halfway around then fold the top portion of the tape to completely cover the lid. Fold the remainder of the tape in half, to strengthen the lid, and then give the tape a good tug–that will open the lid up. If the tape is damaged you can add more layers before making another attempt.

4.   Make A Spoon Into A Lever

Take the lid off of a metal and stainless steel pot by using only the edge of the spoon. All you have to do is insert the spoon’s edge in the normal manner to the lid’s lip along with the glass bottle.

Apply pressure by pressing the spoon’s handle towards the container (make sure that you’ve got a solid grip on the jar using another hand). Then it will sound like the “pop” from the seal being broken by pressure; then, you can twist the lid away.

5.   Use Metal Lids To Run Under Hot Water

If you’re dealing in a vacuum-sealed lid made of glass and metal You can avoid the pain and strain by running the lid in hot water for approximately 30 seconds. Since metal expands much faster than glass storage jars with lids, the lid made of metal will break enough to allow you to open the seal.

It’s also a great technique for jars previously opened filled with food that has gotten hard within the lid (looking at your jam). The warm water will melt the crust so it’s possible to get the jar back open.

6.   Use Two Quarters To Open Flimsy Snack Bags

What’s so embarrassing about it to not be able to tear open the tiniest snack bag? Since they’re made of polyethylene and aluminum and polyethylene, they aren’t easy to cut.

In case you do not have scissors on hand, put two quarters on the opposite sides of the bag, so that their edges are close to each other. Put your forefinger and thumbs on the coins and break them up as usual; the resistance is exactly like scissors. (If you’re not able to get the coins, create your own chip!)

7.   Purchase Reusable Jars That Are Easy To Remove Lids

Nobody says that you need to keep food in the Jars they were packaged in, so avoid the trouble of opening hard-to-open jars by just opening them once and pouring their contents into a different container using the lids that pop on and pop off. It’s able to do the exact job, but without the anxiety.

Eco-Friendly Food Jars

Nearly everyone has a cabinet filled with plastic Jars for freezing food items, or just to store various bits and pieces. A few of them we’ve purchased ourselves, and others are leftovers from an old forgotten takeaway dinner.

They’re extremely handy to possess. The issue with them is of course they’re made of plastic and eventually end up in the garbage or perhaps in the ocean. Therefore, when they’ve reached the end of their usefulness, make sure you replace them with sustainable food Jars.

There are many options in the search for sustainable food Jars, ranging from stainless steel to glass, and even bamboo. Or a mix of these materials, with a little plastic, added.

If you’re looking to eliminate all plastic then your options are restricted. Should you be willing to accept a tiny amount of plastic, like sealing with silicone that makes the container from leaking? For instance, you’ll find more disposable food Jars that you can choose from?

Below are some of the most organic food Jars we can discover.

Stainless Steel Food Jars

100% Stainless Steel

If you prefer not to use plastic at all, There are stainless steel Jars for food that you can buy that come with no silicone seals, nor snap lock lids. Tiffin box, also known as a tiered lunch box is an excellent illustration of this.

There are many Jars for tiffin that you can purchase with a lot of them targeted at the market for lunch since they have multiple different levels for storing various food items. You can also purchase individual boxes that are useful for storing leftovers.

There’s an adjustment you’ll need to take when purchasing 100 stainless-steel food Jars that have lids, as the absence of the silicone seal or the snap-lock lid that is made of plastic could not be leak-proof. If you’re planning to use Jars to store wet or dry food items at home, this isn’t an issue. It’s also fine when you intend to use them to pack lunch boxes for sandwiches or other mostly dry items.

Glass Food Storage Jars

When you search to find glass storage jars with lids. You’ll typically find jars that are used for the storage of dry food items. These glass jars with glass lids or bamboo lids are not intended for freezer or fridge storage. However, you can discover lids on glass jars that can be used in the refrigerator and freezer.

Similar to the majority of steel counterparts. They will typically have the lid made of plastic or the silicone seal kind. In case you’re in search of Jars that can be used to keep food leftovers. There’s a vast variety of glass dishes that have lids made of plastic.

The great thing about these kinds of glass storage jars with lids is that leftovers. That you’ve stored within the freezer could be cooked in the same dish. The food was stored inside and saved the cleaning up. 

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