Rajat khare yoga
Rajat khare yoga

Rajat khare yoga

Indian entrepreneur, IIT Delhi graduate, and founder Rajat Khare have taken a new path in investment. His company Boundary Holding believes in the idea of supporting artificial intelligence (AI) which can be implemented easily. The idea the company invests in is the upcoming technology that has the potential to revolutionize the current industry

The ever-growing world is getting smaller daily because of the communication network we have now. It cannot be said it is something bad but it is affecting the lifestyles of millions of people across the globe. Due to the work culture of being in constant touch with our clients or even with our bosses, we now care less about the negative effects it has on us.


Rajat Khare yoga who is from an engineering background was falling into the same system. Until one day he decided to change the way he lives and improve his lifestyle. As a yoga practitioner he started off with the basics. It was a challenge for him, but determined to not give up he kept the practice going on

Some of the key benefits of yoga are that it keeps your body flexible by adding more balance and strength. In many cases, it has also been observed that it helps reduce back pain and even basic symptoms of arthritis. One of the major reliefs it brings is to reduce the stress levels in the body and improves the efficiency of the heart resulting in better sleep

Rajat khare has dedicated facebook page for yoga.

With regular practice, a person can achieve inner peace and a calmer self.  Often it is attributed to mindfulness but to understand more we must know both are different. In any form of meditation, the focus is more on concentrating on the breathing technique or focusing on an image to center our thoughts, while in Vipassana we concentrate on things as it is and It involves observing your thoughts and emotions as they are, without judging or dwelling on them.

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