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Purchase The Best Mattress For Yourself This Festive Season

As the festive season is approaching, one might have to do numerous household chores like cleaning their house, decorating it with lights and flowers, preparing for the rituals at home, etc. Apart from this, at a festival people usually go out with their friends and families to enjoy a good time. 

And for this, one has to remain active throughout the day to do every task with sheer enjoyment easily. But if one does not have a good sleep at night, they will remain inactive the following day and cannot enjoy it.

Therefore, if you are also not getting quality sleep at night, you need to change your mattress this festive season. There are varieties of options available for a mattress like springfit mattress, peps mattress, etc. But to make it easier for you to choose the best mattress for yourself in this article, we will discuss some best mattresses which you can prefer to purchase this festive season.

Best Mattress This Festive Season

1.Springfit Pro Activ Flow Ortho Memory Foam Medium-Soft Pocket Spring Bed Mattress

This springfit mattress is one of the best choices of mattress for you this festive season. It is made using NASA-approved advanced memory foam and high GSM knitted fabric, which ensures that you can get quality sleep all night. Moreover, due to the presence of a comfort layer in the mattress, it provides superior comfort to an individual.

Similarly, it also has an advanced airflow technology that maintains the seamless circulation of air inside the mattress, and thereby the mattress does remain at normal room temperature. And this is also a suitable choice for people who have an orthopedic problem as it comprises orthopedic spine care technology.


  • Size: Single bed
  • Colour: White and Blue
  • Type: Memory foam mattress
  • Thickness: 6 inch

2.Peps Spring Koil 6 inch Bonnell Spring Mattress

If you do not want to purchase a memory foam mattress, rather you want a spring coil mattress, then this peps mattress is a suitable choice for you. You can easily get peps mattress online from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store or any other online store. The prime speciality of this mattress is that it comprises numerous pressure points that specifically target the joints of an individual, thereby providing them relief from pain and pressure.

Furthermore, this mattress is reversible, and both sides can be used. It is available in four different color options, which are dark blue, ivory, maroon, and red. 


  • Size: Single bed
  • Colour: Dark blue, Ivory, Red, and Maroon
  • Type: Innerspring with PU foam
  • Thickness: 6 inch

3.Springfit Pro Activ Jump Medium Soft Hotel Comfort Premium Bed Mattress

If you were looking for a mattress that would provide you with the same comfort as that of the mattress in a 5-star hotel, then this springfit mattress is a suitable choice of mattress for you this festive season. 

This mattress comprises innovative and advanced carbon-manganese alloy Bonnell springs that make the mattress more durable, comfortable, and anti-saggy. It also has a DuraDense foam layer that provides a firm base.

Sufficient air circulation inside the mattress is maintained by the aerosleep technology that ensures users can get sweat-free sleep all night. Furthermore, it is more hygienic and 99.9% germ-free as it comprises a certigard which is an effective antibacterial technology.

  • Size: Double Bed
  • Colour: Gray and Blue
  • Type: Bonnell Spring
  • Height: 6 inch

Thus, above are some of the best mattresses like springfit mattress and peps mattress you can prefer to purchase this festive season. These mattresses will ensure you get the utmost comfort and sound sleep at night. And they are more durable and strong than other mattresses.

Now purchasing a springfit mattress is not hard anymore. You can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card if you do not have funds to purchase your favorite springfit mattress. 

You can easily repay the total amount in convenient EMI options of No Cost EMI and zero down payments within the tenure of 3 months to 24 months. Furthermore, if you purchase any mattress online this festive season from the Bajaj Finserv EMI store then you will get an amazing offer of cashback up to Rupees 5000.


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