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Process Flow: SAFe Agilest


SAFe refers to the Scaled Agile framework that includes a set of an organization, & guides the patterns of the workflow through enterprises in the form of an agile. Moreover, to learn about SAFe agile certification feel free to join the best SAFe Agilist Online Training in India. On the other hand, it is a popular framework for leading enterprises such as trustiness, customizable & sustainability. It provides you the flexibility.

Despite this, it manages some of the challenges that an organization is facing at that time. It promotes collaborations, arrangements, & delivers to a large number of the agile team. Mainly, it provides three primary bodies of knowledge: agile software development, development of the lean product, & system thinking.

Let’s analyze the process flow of safe agile in details

Process Flow of SAFe Agile

Mainly, there are 12 Process that everyone should follow to implement SAFe. However, it is an important step that you should modify to fit your organizational needs.

  • Many factors need an organizational change, that includes the shift in the law-making of industry & the desired goals. Most companies identify the leadership & then communicate for the business reasons for the shifting in SAFe & ensure all the activities that align with the vision for the change.
  • Many leaders identify the people across an organization who can easily change the agents & facilitate their training as a Certified SAFe Agile Program Consultant. These agents are responsible for business leaders & other stakeholders.
  • Executives should be given training so that they can model their behavior around Lean agile views & practices.
  • If we create a center of excellence then it will ensure you that all around the company-wide the performance will have to be rather than simplifying the management of the agile project within their specific domain.
  • Value streams are those who value the business process that is provided by its customers. While on the other side ARTS are agile teams that resolve the solutions for creating value. Thus, it is the combination of the people, internal processes & technology that helps to deliver the value to its customer only.
  • Most of the goals are focused while a roadmap is set to accomplish the vision of your SAFe transformation. Thus, it involves the value stream, then selecting the ART, & again repeating the process.
  • Firstly, define the ARTS, then set the deadlines, & assemble them in the agile teams, train their personnel, & at last perform readiness assessments. Another important thing is that you should take backlog programs for the preparations.
  • The individuals that are working as a team to develop the system of the business are essential enough for each ART’s success. Everyone must grab their roles & skills to do their job successfully.
  • Iteration planning, backlog refinements, daily stand-ups, system demo, ART sync as well as Scrum of Scrums relies on proper execution.
  • Subsequent, prioritized ARTs are launched from all the above with the help of the training team, coaching ART execution & the efforts that are made without skipping the steps or diligence.
  • Now it’s time to follow all the above steps to set the overall culture, that improves the performance of the company-wide & increases the goal attainment.
  • Continuous success leads to the advantage of the new opportunities & helps to find the improvements.
  • Above steps Should to be follow by SAFe Agile.


Nowadays, technology is increasing day by day & the demand for various software is also increasing. It helps organizations to achieve their goals. The demand for learning the SAFe Agilist course in Gurgaon has grown amongst the teenagers. Also, there is a huge demand & it provides you with high-paid salary packages. Moreover, this certification helps to work as an Agilist, Product Manager, SAFe consultant, etc.

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