You are currently viewing Prestashop Vs WooCommerce – Which One Suits The Best For Your Business?

Prestashop Vs WooCommerce – Which One Suits The Best For Your Business?

PrestaShop Vs. WooCommerce

Online business stores area unit the trend if you propose to require your business to the approaching position. However, it’s such an indisputable fact that any business will incline to supply online services to own a lesser reach.

The situation has come back to similar, if you don’t have a web presence within the variety of AN eCommerce website templates store, the likelihood that you might evaporate repeatedly.

Online stores shall facilitate reaching intent guests and stylishly develop a business. But, of course, metamorphosis involves several challenges.

One similar challenge is to decide on the proper eCommerce result to create your store. Once you opt for this, the verity is that ninety-five of the challenge is answered.

While we tend to remark on the eCommerce platform, comparatively several within the request with equal attributes, for example, Woocommerce and Prestashop themes area unit the foremost outstanding platforms businesses select lately.

While their area unit varied reasons behind it, selecting one of the 2 shall prove very important for your business improvement.

This composition shall assist you to realize the trend of the 2 platforms that shall facilitate building AN unimaginable eCommerce store.


PrestaShop Vs. WooCommerce – that one is that the Best?

Prestashop Vs. WooCommerce – that One Suits the most effective For Your Business?

This may be the wrong question. As similar, each platform’s area unit is lovely. They’re point-rich and stoner-friendly also. So, what will modify the question of ‘stylish too ‘suitable’? Therefore, is that the most fitted platform for your business?

Let us snappily apprehend what they’re within the initial case before going deeper into the comparison.

WooCommerce themes area unit AN ASCII text file plugin erected into WordPress. It’s an attractive option, and therefore the platform has been the selection of leading businesses since 2011.

The stylish part of WooCommerce is that it’s AN ASCII text file result. This means to mention that you’ll build any customization as you like. And what will couple with most ease too?

Conversely, Prestashop is once more AN ASCII text file platform to develop eCommerce spots. It had started within the time 2007. Prestashop has fabulous styles and has unimaginable govt options that you might not realize in WooCommerce.

Of course, this is often on par with WooCommerce within the stoner-friendly nature of the interface.

Detailed Comparison Between Prestashop and WooCommerce


Popularity would possibly assist you in gauging the number of companies that have confidence named either of the 2 to run a web business.

It’s calculable that around3.3 1,000,000 websites area units created victimization WooCommerce and have twenty-eight request shares. Compared with Prestashop having3.2.

Farther, one can also perceive that Prestashop is mostly feeding businesses in France and European countries, whereas WooCommerce incorporates a vast space connected; to the USA, UK, Iran, etc.

Price issue

That is on your budget. Fitting a web store will bear investment. But, allow us to build some suggested expenditure. Too crucial of expenditure, within the morning, will prove mischievous too. PrestaShop vs. WooCommerce stands high with few rating choices during this accord compared to Prestashop.

Though each platform’s area unit is liberated to transfer and install, their area unit alternative prices are concerned. They are

SSL Certificate –$ five a time

Further, you’ll use the Free PrestaShop Themes offered to develop the web store. However, you may have to be compelled to obtain themes for each platform; if you’re about to build the web store, there is a lot of teasing. You’ve got superimposed to the price. may be a fashionable place for you to decide on free themes for WooCommerce. But, during this method, you finish up spending$54.99 time for Prestashop, whereas you pay just$ nineteen for WooCommerce.

Technical Support

Prestashop is much too advanced in providing support to its guests. whereas several merchandisers for Woocommerce like ThemeVolty shall provide excellent support for any technical challenges, the support issue is improbably a lot of in Pretashop’s case.

You have several choices to search out results for your technical challenges or troubles, whereas you utilize Prestashop.

Still, you’ll investigate the attendants and tutorials if you face any technical fault or hassle victimization of the tool. Further, Prestashop additionally has coaching courses to find out from also.

Still, it’s long or doesn’t realize what you’re searching for. Also, you’ll be a part of the Prestashop forum and realize the answers, If you are feeling. You have1.2 million and any guests within the forum to answer your question.

You can also bear with a live agent to own your specialized hassle answered. You’ll savvy answered in under fifteen twinkles.

Also, a similar service isn’t offered on any platforms exclusive to Prestashop. At the equivalent time, it isn’t a free service. The support figure ranges from$ 249 to$ 1399.

On the opposite hand, WooCommerce doesn’t have any of this sort. But, you’ve got the tutorials and FAQs that guide you to alleviate the difficulty.

At an equivalent time, you’ll additionally raise a price ticket through the WooCommerce website and keep it for twenty-four hours for the resolution.

Installation Ease

Both of them area unit competitive enough during this issue. However, putting in WooCommerce happens snappily enough, If you’ve got WordPress. Also, what will install Prestashop in under three hundred seconds through One-Click Install.

Still, reading the tutorial and putting in an equivalent will take up to twenty twinkles, If you’re too veritably confused and don’t apprehend something concerning the technical side. Either way, the installation is free and straightforward in each case.

Eventually, it bottles down to the options. As AN association, it’s a requirement that we tend to elect a platform that has full options. At an equivalent time, the platform’s value should be appropriate too.

Still, that’s WooCommerce; if there’s one tool that balances these 2. it’s the trendy value issue and alternative options, whereas the purpose sets area unit a lot of or less analogous to WooCommerce for a complicated cut price.

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