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Possibility that customers can use the same chat offline

Even if business hours are over, that doesn’t mean your customers or visitors can’t access customer service. Some tools completely close the chat outside of business hours. But there is a possibility to keep it running, even if the response is not immediate. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you use a platform. That allows you to send messages outside of business hours. You can choose one that automatically responds when there are no employees online. And that the response is sent the next day or that orders are sent to an email. Using both options also works.

Proactive invites

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One of Jive Chat’s main attraction tools is the proactive solicitation. In other words: after some time in which the visitor is on your page, a message – which may or may not be automatic – is sent through the chat, making it available to the visitor to answer any questions. This practice makes online chat work better and makes more sales for the businesses that use it. Not all tools have this feature, however, given its effectiveness; it is fair to say that it is one of the must-have features for your online chat

The possibility of serving several clients simultaneously

There is no use migrating from the telephone to Omegle tv if one of its main advantages is not going to be taken advantage of: serving more than one client at a time. If an online chat platform doesn’t offer that possibility, it simply doesn’t make sense to adopt it, as customers will be waiting for about the same amount of time as if they were making a call to a telemarketing center, for example.

Customer history

Another of JivoChat’s strengths and a very useful function for those who use CRM is the possibility of integration with their System, allowing them to insert and export customer information for customer service. In this way, the conversation is more productive, not only avoiding the customer having to pass on information each time he comes into contact, but also the employee having information about visits, purchases and past problems, having a broader view of the relationship between the company and the specific buyer.

Analytical tools

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It is no use just getting attention, without being able to constantly self-evaluate in order to improve your processes. That is why any online chat platform has to offer your company analytical tools so that you can evaluate the performance of your team. Through it, it will be possible to count how many conversions were make through an attention. How many attentions were make in a certain period. How many questions were select. Among other diverse parameters. Do not adopt a platform that does not offer this feature.

Backup conversations

Last but not least, one of the mandatory functions in an online chat is the backup of the conversations. While the analytical tools mentioned above serve to make quantitative measurements of your contacts. The backup has two main functions: to analyze the quality of your customer service. And to protect against malicious visitors. It is one of the functions that are so mandatory that you cannot even think of adopting an online chat that does not have this option, due to the risk that its lack represents.

Did you understand what are the mandatory functions in an online chat?

After reading this text I am sure that you already know all the features that your Omegle online chat needs to have to be a real success! If you want to start using an online chat on your page right now, try using JivoChat’s for 14 days completely free of charge.