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Pop & Rock: What Makes Them Unique?

Pop vs Rock is a tiresome debate like Pepsi vs Coke. The diehard Rock fans would quickly argue that it’s the most artful and authentic form of music. On the other hand, pop music enthusiasts point out how mainstream appeal makes pop music more creative.

Regardless of which side of the coin you hold, both music genres have the respective characteristics that distinguish them from the other. Let’s celebrate the differences between both forms of music.

Rock Music

With its roots in the UK and US, rock music started in the 60s, which major influence from blues and country music. The use of instruments like heavy drum, bass guitar and electric guitar makes it easily recognizable among melomaniacs.

Often called noisy by pop fans, the themes of rock music range from social-political to love, betrayal and sex. It’s been a form of expression for the youth of every era to rage and rebel against authority.

Its categories include punk rock, psychedelic rock, jazz-rock, blues rock, soft rock, country rock, folk-rock and hard rock. But the widely popular one is heavy metal, a type of rock music that is more intense and aggressive than pop music.

Pop Music

You can pin down pop music to an era because it’s the music of the “time”. Although it started in the 50s, it’s the mainstream music inspired and influenced by the popular culture of any time in history. While many consider it a form of rock – soft rock-pop music is mass-composed for a larger audience. Pop music is greatly influenced by Latin music, urban, dance, rock and country music and focuses on themes like love, encouragement and strength.

Differences and Strengths

Unlike rock music which is an ideology destined for only a niche group, pop music can be performed in bands or solo. The artistic brainstorming that goes into production, composition, lyrics and vocals of pop music is arguably one of its distinctive features.

Rock music is often deemed noisy and distorted. Unlike pop music, where vocals are important, you can tell the difference between screaming and singing with rock music. But that’s what makes it unique from pop culture. Rock music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and lovers of rock music gloat on this very idea.

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Suffice to say; you can either be part of mainstream culture or listen to heavy screaming. Both ways, it’s your taste, and there’s no one judging. So are you looking to pursue your career in rock or pop music? Start your music journey with The Young Musician Music Institute – a Trinity College affiliated music institute in Abu Dhabi. TYMMI offers music diploma courses, musical instrument lessons and music lessons for toddlers. Contact them today for more information.

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