online whiteboard for education

Online whiteboard for education in 2022

Online whiteboard for education in 2022


Online whiteboard for education is the fundamental instrument of the teacher’s trade. It serves as the focal point of any physical classroom, serving as visual and mnemonic assistance that assists students in structuring, comprehending, and retaining new facts and concepts. It’s unsurprising that it’s the first classroom tool teachers want when establishing a virtual classroom. As a result of our study, we’ve prepared a list of the best free and paid online whiteboards for teaching apps.

What Is An Online Whiteboard And Why Is It Required For Distance Education?


An online whiteboard is a software application or a browser-based interactive tool that enables teachers and students to participate remotely and in real-time by writing, drawing, and pinning images. Online or web-based whiteboards are designed to replicate the appearance and functionality of a physical whiteboard and are frequently used in online meetings and virtual schools.

An interactive whiteboard, like a physical whiteboard, is a wonderful tool for


  • elucidate points


  • jot down critical facts


  • organize conversation topics


  • successfully finish tasks or exercises


  • develop mind maps


  • and cooperate


A simple, adaptable, participatory, and cost-effective online whiteboard. Additionally, it is extremely engaging and visually appealing, making it an indispensable tool for online training and collaboration. Therefore, if you are serious about remote teaching, here are the greatest online whiteboards for teachers, both free and paid.

Online whiteboard for education: free vs. premium


Therefore, why pay for an online whiteboard when there are free alternatives? Generally, the free online whiteboards will provide you with all of the necessary tools to begin teaching immediately. You’ll have access to a variety of pens and shapes in a variety of thicknesses and colors, and some alternatives, such as Google’s Jamboard, will include sticky notes and virtual laser pens.

However, as we’ve grown accustomed to this age of apps and web-based companies, freemium plans come with a slew of missing features. Free online whiteboard apps frequently include advertisements or watermarks and lack critical functionality like pdf or media uploads, permission management, and download/save choices. Almost all free options have a limit on the number of whiteboards you can create, the number of objects that can be included on a whiteboard, and the number of viewers per whiteboard.

If you choose a free online whiteboard, ensure that none of these limitations is a deal-breaker for the way you want to use it in your classroom. We’ll make every effort to indicate which critical elements have been removed. Our list is separated into two groups. The first section’s two programs, Canvas for Chrome and Google Jamboard, are both absolutely free. The second section features the five finest paid alternatives, but each also offers a freemium version.



Chrome Canvas


Canvas for Chrome is a minimalistic application with no frills. And you will see this immediately when entering the internet site. There is no need to sign up or provide any information. You proceed directly to your board. Canvas includes five pens, each of which can be customized in terms of color, size, and opacity. That is all. There is no typewriting, and there is no possibility to upload files. The only feature that is considered somewhat complex is the ability to deal with layers. Canvas for Chrome does allow you to save your whiteboard within the program, export it as an image, and share it. If this is all you require, Canvas for Chrome is an excellent and simple-to-use alternative.

Jamboard Google


If you have a Google account (which we all do), Jamboard is exactly as easy to use as Canvas but offers significantly more functionality. To open your first whiteboard, click the large Plus button at the bottom of the screen. Jamboard comes equipped with a number of pens, an eraser, a selection tool, sticky notes, picture import, shapes, and text boxes, as well as a bright laser pen tool. Additionally, you can modify your background and build a series of whiteboards that you can easily flip between. Jamboard allows you to save your boards to your Google account, save as an image, save as a pdf, or export your whiteboard to Google Calendar meetings.

Dojoit: Both Free as well as paid Online Whiteboard for teaching




Create a board from the dashboard. Then you can add a collaborator to your board. They’ll get an invite right away. Any collaborator can be a contributor or a spectator. You can see and muffle everyone’s pointers. Anyone can seek access to the illustrations by sending the board’s unique URL. Adding text is simple. Simply place the mouse cursor anywhere on the board and start typing. You may draw shapes from the tool panel. Using auto shape allows you to quickly draw any form. If you use the pen tool to sketch, the auto shape tool will automatically create beautiful hand-drawn lines and forms. Type and draw together easily.

Uploading photographs to the board takes seconds. A picture or PDF/PPT file can be dropped into the window.

Why not copy the board? has made this absurdly easy. Select one or more objects and click the arrows next to them to copy them.

You can also upload files, extract them, and collaborate on them. Drag a file onto the board. To render all pages, click the gear symbol on the right. The document’s content will be displayed. This method works with PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF files.

Use the publish option to send someone a screenshot of your board without asking them to log into Dojoit, the world’s fastest online whiteboard. Dojoit provides a unique public URL that you may email or share on social media.

Dojoit is my new best friend. Since I could use it, I avoided all other digital whiteboards available online.



Every day, Kaltura’s virtual classroom engages millions of students across the world with video-first learning experiences. Kaltura is an outlier on this list because it is not a standalone whiteboard software but rather a whole A to Z online education solution with a robust integrated whiteboard function that we believe is the finest on this list. Therefore, if you’re looking for a remote teaching platform that includes a collaborative whiteboard among its numerous teaching and learning capabilities, look no further.

In the following part, we’ll discuss Kaltura Virtual Classroom’s whiteboard feature in detail. However, we can divulge that Kaltura Virtual Classroom comes with a 30-day free trial, allowing you to evaluate the entire platform, including the whiteboard, without committing immediately. Following that, the pricing is incredibly competitive when compared to other alternatives, especially when you realize you’re not just getting a whiteboard software, but a full all-in-one remote teaching solution.



Miro (formerly AWW Program) is a collaborative whiteboard app designed primarily for online meetings but also works well in the virtual classroom. You receive all the standard functions, like pens, erasers, text boxes, and shapes. The advantage of this software is that your pupils can collaborate in real-time on this board. Up to three editable boards, readymade templates, core connectors, and basic attention management are included in the free plan. Additionally, your board will vanish after a period of inactivity, and the app is not available on mobile devices at the moment.


You can invite students to join via a link, a room code, or a QR code with Each student has their own whiteboard, which they can use to draw, write, add photos or math problems, and so on. The kids can see your whiteboard, but not the whiteboards of their classmates. Because is a subsidiary of, it shares the same playful aesthetic and tone. The free plan includes advertisements and excludes critical functionality such as file uploads and the ability to create, save, and reuse whiteboards. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial that includes access to the Premium plan’s full functionality.



Ziteboard is a cross-platform online whiteboard that enables real-time collaborative collaboration. It includes all of the standard features, as well as sticky notes, a board chat, pdf import, an interactive graphing calculator, a white-label service, and an anonymous whiteboard extension for the Pro plan that enables you to invite students without requiring them to sign up/in. The free plan restricts you to three boards, limited data traffic, three basic colors, and low-resolution image uploads, while pdf uploads are restricted to the first page. Additionally, free plan users are not able to access chat capabilities. You do get sticky notes and the ability to export to PNG, SVG, and PDF.


Is a feature-rich whiteboard application that includes all of the expected functionality, as well as some entertaining and helpful enhancements such as arithmetic equations, a dice, a pointer, animation, and other so-called gizmos and widgets. Up to 100 students may join your board and everyone will receive their own board.’s free plan is somewhat limited. You may establish up to ten boards, which will be automatically erased after seven days (though you can manually refresh them to delay this). The free plan also includes advertisements, but they are only visible to the teacher, which makes them more acceptable. You can immediately begin using the free plan without registering.

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