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One-on-One Quran Classes are better than Madrasah

Every Muslim should learn the Holy Quran. Due to the current technological revolution, private online Quran classes have grown popular. However, online Quran classes are just as good, if not better, than Madrassas. One-on-one Quran sessions are both convenient and practical.

While traditional madrassas are beneficial to all Muslim countries, several do not have them. In such instances, Muslims should consider taking private online Quran classes, although not out of necessity, but rather advantage. While madrasas are still the traditional place to learn Quran, online lessons have various advantages.

This post will discuss these benefits.

Personalized Quran Classes vs Traditional Madrassas

Learning and teaching Quran is a big responsibility. Previously, parents sent their kids to a madrassa to learn Quran from specialists. For many children and adults, attending madrassas is cumbersome; hence online sessions with Quran professors are preferable. Here are several benefits of online Quran classes over traditional madrassas.

Timings vary

Online Quran classes offer flexibility in schedule and days. Courses can be scheduled around your schedule, making it more convenient. You will learn more successfully if you can prepare classes around your schedule.

In a conventional madrassa, pupils must adhere to a strict timetable, which can be a source of frustration. One of the essential benefits of one-on-one online Quran sessions is scheduling flexibility.

No Travel Problems

Online Quran learning also allows you to learn from home. Kids and adults are often fatigued from school or work and lack the energy to travel. In this circumstance, taking Quran classes from home is considerably more convenient. Online classes make this possible.

Unlike traditional madrassas, online classes are hassle-free. In nations with few madrassas, people may travel hours to access one, squandering energy and time. Travelling can sometimes be expensive. That’s why online classes are better and save time.

Fewer distractions and more focus

Private online Quran classes allow you the most focused instruction. With one-on-one courses, you will have no distractions. Your tutor will be focused entirely on you and learn more.


In a traditional madrassa, numerous pupils learn simultaneously. This can often distract and deter kids.

Private Lessons

The fact that online classes are one-on-one is a considerable benefit. Individual lessons allow you to learn better and ask questions you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Your tutor will only focus on you.

There are typically too many students in traditional madrassas for the instructors to attend to each one individually. The kids are reciting Quran quietly, making corrections difficult.

Certified Tutors     

Finding a Quran teacher might be tricky, primarily if you reside abroad. Even if you discover one, you may be constrained by a lack of options. You can get the top Quran teachers online if you take Quran classes online.

These teachers have years of expertise and are qualified. You can also change tutors if you’re not happy. Having an excellent teacher helps to learn Quran.

Parental Control

One of the significant benefits of learning the Quran online is that parents can constantly monitor their children. You can quickly contact your tutor if you are unhappy with their behaviour or teaching skills.

Online programs also ensure your children’s safety as they learn in front of you. Online Quran classes are, without a doubt, more convenient than traditional madrassas.

Lively Classes

Online classes allow you to learn the Quran word-by-word and debate it with your tutors. These classes include experienced tutors who encourage students to discuss what they know, ask questions, and interact.


Online Quran classes are sometimes misunderstood as being more costly than traditional madrassas. Classes in madrassas may appear inexpensive, but they are not. Adding travel expenditures and madrassa fees may make it much more expensive.


You can learn Quran online for a low cost without having to travel. Online classes offer significantly more benefits than madrassas at a far lower price.

Finally, Quran Online lessons are more convenient and practical. Online education may be the best alternative if you live in a country with few madrassas. Even if you have madrassas nearby, Hasaan Quran academy may be a terrific choice.

Following are some advantages of online Quran study over traditional madrasah. Learning Quran online has become a terrific alternative thanks to technology. Less boring and less effective than regular madrassa classes.

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