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NYC Small Claims Court—What is It and How it Helps Tenants?

NYC’s government is great at helping its residents deal with and overcome property leasing and buying challenges. It has several small and big laws and avenues set in place to help New Yorkers live a hassle-free, happy life. However, one cannot steer away from problems completely. This is especially true for apartment renters in NYC.

Landlords can be difficult to deal with. They can be stubborn and ignorant of your rights; as a tenant, that can damage your quality of life. This is where The Small Claims Court can be your savior.

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What is Unique About the Small Claims Courts in NYC?

The Small Claims Court is an informal court of law where eligible entities can sue for money without hiring a lawyer. It’s one of the best and most convenient avenues for NYC renters facing problems with their landlords.

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The best part about The Small Claims Court is that you can save attorney and lawyers’ fees. In some states, you may not even be permitted to hire a lawyer to sue in Small Claims Court!

In this post, we will tell you all about the Small Claims Court. If you are looking for an apartment for rent in NYC, you must read this till the end!

Suing Landlord for Inadequate/Ignored Repairs

Yes, you can definitely sue your property owner for not making immediate and necessary repairs after multiple requests. Such cases are known as “Housing Part” cases and are commonly referred to as HP cases or HP actions.

Using the Small Claims Court, you can sue your landlord or file an action against them to force a particular action. Your landlord will be ordered to carry out the necessary repairs in the rented property to maximize and ensure renters’ safety and rights preservation.

Moreover, you can group-file an HP action against the apartment building owner. The Housing Part allows a group of tenants to sue their landlord for similar complaints. The HP can also be filed to rectify public area breaches and violations around the apartment building.

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Using the Small Claims Courts in NYC

People looking for rental apartments in NYC often don’t know about their rights. They need to completely understand what they’re entitled to and how to protect their rights as a tenant. Among all of this nitty-gritty information, you should know about the NYC Small Claims Court and when to use it.

For example, apartment renters may deal with a negligent landlord who is always out of reach when you need them. There may be an instance wherein someone might have damaged your property, or you may deal with contract breaches and small renter-landlord disputes. All of these matters can be taken to court via the Small Claims Court.

The NYC Small Claims Court has clerks and assistants who can help you navigate the process without needing a lawyer or an attorney.

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How Do I Start a Small Claims Case in NYC’s Small Claims Court?

Now that you know the what and why of NYC’s Small Claims Courts, this section will take you through its how aspect.

To make a small claim in the Small Claims Courts, you may or may not need someone to file a case on your behalf. Under-18 individuals must have a guardian or parent do the deed. Whereas, if you’re above 18, you can go to the Small Claims Court and file a statement of claim.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to making a claim:

  1. To file a claim in Small Claims Court, you must be able to jot down the facts that clarify your complaint in a written form.
  2. You must abide by all the documents requirements and provide them with the correct dates, names, addresses, and other credentials.
  3. For property damage claims, the Small Claim Court allows you to file for monetary and interest damages.
  4. Always sue the defendant in a Small Claims Court near their residence or place of business.
  5. The NYC Small Claims Court requires you to pay$15 as a filing fee for claims with less than $1,000 worth of damages and a $20 fee for claims over $1,000.

Soon after filing, the notice is sent to the defendant via mail. However, the Small Claims Court will not proceed to trial until the defendant has been served.

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