Non-Fungible Tokens and Game – Emergence of New generation Gaming

The word Non-Fungible Tokens is something that has been getting global attention since last year. The sudden surge in the sales of NFTs brought a huge user base. The year 2021 has seen a lot of new records with respect to NFTs. The gaming community, on the other hand, is enjoying the perks of NFTs today. The number of daily active users of several play-to-earn NFT games touched the record of 3 million users. People left their daily jobs since they get better income from NFT games and the NFT marketplace for gaming. How are NFTs making a difference in the gaming industry? Why is this new addition trending? What is actually happening? And what is the future of the gaming industry? 

In-game items are now an asset

Say you are a gamer who is an adherent lover of Fortnite and Valorant. You love the game, you enjoy fighting against your enemies in the battle, and you are keen to improve your gaming skills. Now you want a different weapon, say a pistol or sniper rifle. You spend money on it and buy one. Say you need a new costume to get things interesting and different. You use it in the game that can give you a better result while you’re in a battle. Or you want a gun that can make things interesting. Imagine having a weapon that, when pointed at your enemy, will create a black hole that will swallow him. Interesting right? 

You want it; you get it, you use it, you enjoy it. But when things get monotonous again, and you need a change again, can you sell the weapons you no longer use to someone and get a new one of your choice again?

Currently, in Fortnite and Valorant, you can exchange your weapons with your teammates. You can even use the weapons of the enemies you kill. But reselling them and getting your money back is something that was impossible until NFTs came in. 

Non-Fungible Tokens came with the concept of giving definite ownership of anything that is digital in the Blockchain. So this gave a chance for the gaming industry to make a new generation of gaming with the Blockchain.

The new era of Play2Earn Games

Cryptokitties, an NFT game from Dapper labs, made a huge impact during the time of its release. The NFT pet kittens minted on the Ethereum blockchain were all sold out, and there was huge traffic due to increased transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Right after that, many NFT games came out. Be it Axie Infinity or Illuvium, the gaming and NFT community together got into the new era of Play 2 Earn Games.

The in-game items were sold in the form NFT marketplace for gaming exclusively. People started investing in these NFTs over other normal digital art NFTs. A passive income from these NFT gaming platforms for the players surged up and gradually became their source of income to make their living. Axie Infinity is one such example that the in-game governance crypto token and the other token for buying assets were in demand which gradually increased its worth. 

The success of these games inspired many other games with different genres. Cricket NFT games, games on Football, and Formula 1-based racing games were all getting added to the list one by one recently.

Metaverse-The future

Any new tech that makes it to the public will reach the masses through games in the first place. Be it 3D or Virtual reality; games were their first stop. In that list, Blockchain and Metaverse is the new addition. Though NFTs on the Blockchain with games haven’t reached their fullest potential yet, they gave rise to Metaverse already, which will be the next era of gaming.  

Metaverse will give a new gaming experience where the players can experience the game in real-time through Augmented reality. XR headsets can bring a real-time experience as if you play the game from inside the game, just like you see in SpyKids: Game Over. 

The gaming community gave an overwhelming response to these play-to-earn NFT games. These games are not only seen as a mode to earn but also as a platform to earn a passive income. Metaverse, already with a huge fan base eagerly waiting for mass adoption, is getting ready to reach the masses soon.

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