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Nine Tips For Surviving Online Exams This Semester

This semester has been very stressful, but students can read these tips to clear online exams easily.

Nowadays, online exams are in trend and I took a break from finishing my morning research to write this blog. Online tests are the norm today, and I feel it is necessary to provide some guidance on surviving online exams.

This blog is a bit different from the usual blogs, but it is the most relevant for now. This blog can also help you with e-learning. After all, their experiences are similar in some ways.

As you may know, all of my classes this semester will be online, and all of my assessments will also be online. It’s not the best situation, but it does everything we do. Luckily, I started blogging this summer and also read other blogs from good college bloggers. I love reading about how others handle the situation, and I’ve tried a couple of them based on others’ experiences.

We hope this blog post is helpful to anyone who wants to take the online exam. To start!

Things To Follow Before Online Exam

1. Prepare Notes

One complaint about open book exams is that students rarely have time to use them, is that true? I see two options here.

First, familiarize yourself with all the concepts in the course and review them often enough to know where you stand instinctively. Of course, CTRL + F also works, but it is more useful if you know where to look.

Or, this option is my favorite. I like to put all the information I need on A4 size or as few pages as possible. Others would not be able to read it, but you can see how you configured the file, which is essential.

2. Make a list of errors

With the volume of content in each module, it can be easy to remember the least helpful content in the middle of the test.

One way to make things easier is to write down the wrong words while exercising. Sometimes this list can fit all A4 paper, but it should most of the time on a poster that can fit under the watch or on the keyboard.

The nearby test list can alert you to investigate issues before the test begins.

3. Practice with pen and paper

Since I started university, I have not used the form unless the faculty asks me to submit a hard copy. One of the best decisions you can make is to keep all the notes you write and type in a document.

Unfortunately, this also means that I tinker with old pens and thin paper. During this semester, I started wondering about the pen-and-pencil friction on paper.

For details, some of my online exams require me to write my answers on a piece of paper and send a copy to me after two hours.

In the meantime, I decided to spend the last two days before the test without relying on the tablet. From now on, I think that it only remains for me to train by hand the day before the event.

4. Relax before the online test

As a student, I completely understand the idea that one more chapter review will prepare you better for the next day. It is possible, but the same concept can put you to sleep every night before the online test! Or Students can take help from do my online exam services.

5. Play the last song!

If you have a few songs that inspire you and make you sit up straight, now is the time to take the test. In each review, I always have a list of my favorite songs with a high tempo to keep in mind.

Thing To Do During Online Exam

I am not the best person, but I like to be clean when stressed. I know, it is weird. We want to keep our workplace clean and uncluttered during online exams. At least during the test, take out everything you do not need and store it somewhere in your house. This plan is temporary, and you can keep the items back to their place just after the exam.

Find a quiet place in the house, close the windows and turn on the air conditioner if necessary. I do not usually turn on the air conditioner.

I was a heavy caffeine user for a semester. And for it to work, you should drink caffeine every few hours. I have a cup of cappuccino for breakfast, but the goal is to make a hot cup of tea for online exams.

I know aromatherapy is not the cheapest option for most students. But if you can afford it, you can consider aromatherapy!

Some of my favorites include fragrances like peppermint, lemongrass, and geranium, and I have found that peppermint goes well with anything beautiful if you put essential oils in a diffuser.

Ten best tips for online survival

  1. Prepare A Copy Of The Notes
  2. Make a list of errors
  3. Practice with pen and paper
  4. Relax before the online test
  5. Play the last song
  6. Move objects around to minimize distractions
  7. Find a quiet place in your house, close the windows and turn on the air conditioner if necessary
  8. Drink hot tea or drink it inside
  9. Aromatherapy if needed
  10. Take help from experts of Tutors Sky

Thanks for reading. Good luck to all at this challenging end of the semester!

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