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NFTS Can Now Be Created and Sold by Shopify Merchants

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become a popular product that has generated billions of dollars in sales over the past few years.

You may sell physical things online using Shopify (SHOP) since it provides website and app store building capabilities, as well as back-end fulfillment capacity.

The Shopify platform allows merchants to offer Amazon-like services without developing anything close to Amazon’s infrastructure.

An app supplied by GigiLabs in the firm’s app store will now allow Shopify merchants to produce non-financial tokens (NFTs) through a third-party blockchain enterprise.

GigiLabs, the company behind the software, says it will allow Shopify Plus customers “to generate and sell NFTs “on their Shopify storefront in minutes without any prior development or blockchain experience.”

NFTs are a New Frontier.

NFTs can be thought of as a type of digital artifact. One-off or limited edition digital assets can be sold by companies, either as an individual item or in small batches (kind of like numbered prints of physical artwork).

Speculative estimates of the total possible NFT sales range widely, but according to Reuters, sales volume is expected to rise to “$10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021.” As a result of “the craze for crypto assets reaching new highs,” that’s “up more than eightfold over the previous quarter,” as data from market tracker DappRadar shows.

What You Need to Know About NFT Statistics in 2022

According to Shopify, in just one quarter of 2021, the NFT market surged 700 percent.

Pak sold 266,445 NFT “The Merge” shares on Nifty Gateway for $91.8 million.

NFTs were purchased or sold by 4 million persons in the United States alone.

Today, several businesses, such as Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola, and many others, include NFTs in their businesses.

In physical surveys, about half of collectors expressed an interest in giving NFTs a try.

Amounting to around 147 million U.S. dollars as of December 15, 2021, the total sales value over the previous 30 days

Your interest in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is evident if you’ve found your way to this page.

Because NFTs are on the rise and can be a lucrative source of revenue for your business, it makes sense.

If you have a product you want to sell, you need a platform like Shopify.

By now, you’ve probably concluded that Shopify is an excellent platform for selling digital non-financial products.

Nevertheless, don’t take my word for it; put my advice to the test and see if your observations align with mine.

Let us know how it goes if you decide Shopify is the appropriate fit for your business.

Shopify sees NFT capabilities as an integral element of its broader strategy to serve its merchant customers.

According to Director of Product Robleh Jama, “Our growing NFT app ecosystem highlights our dedication to delivering merchants an easy solution to selling digital assets directly through their Shopify store.”

How will Shopify’s NFTs function?

It is possible to mint and sells NFTs on the Flow Blockchain using the GigiLabs app for Shopify Plus.

There are over 2 million accounts on Flow, more than 17 million individual NFTs have been issued, and over 10 million secondary markets NFT sale transactions have occurred, according to GigiLabs.

NFTs are already being sold on Infinite Objects’ Shopify storefront, one of the two companies testing the GigiLabs app.

CEO Joe Saavedra said, “Infinite Objects thinks that moving visuals should be valued in the same way that posters, prints, and photographs have been for decades.” It will be possible for us to offer NFTs as part of our content in a smooth, end-to-end, and customizable way with the GigLabs app.

Artists, singers, sports leagues, and others have all used NFTs.

“The ability to represent digital items like art, audio, and video is one of the primary reasons NFTs are significant to businesses. In addition to representing virtual real estate, virtual worlds, fashion, and much more. They may also be used to symbolize other sorts of creative labor,” noted company growth expert Neil Patel.

In the same way that every collectible has value, NFTs can have genuine value. There is no intrinsic value to Beanie B Babies or Pokemon cards; they are only worth what the market will bear.

Hiring a Professional to Do It All for You

There are options if you want a custom Shopify storefront or don’t want to set things up yourself, as was mentioned earlier. Because of its popularity, several developers have chosen to focus solely on Shopify projects. Once the site has been constructed, the user-friendly content management system makes it simple to add NFTs.

Your digital products can be turned into NFTs by developers. If you choose to outsource your marketing, several good marketing organizations choose from. Even if someone else helps you administer the community, you should still participate.


If you want to start a business online, Shopify is a great option. There are numerous advantages, including selling NFTs. However, the program is still in beta and costs a lot of money. If you want to hire Shopify web Development company, click the link now.

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