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Most Popular Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have gained popularity over the years due to the wide variety of styles and types available. Many individuals have come to regard them as a need. After all, their ability to rapidly add volume and length to your natural hair makes you feel wonderful and confident!

Here are some of the many hair extension options available. Please go through it to see which one best fits your personality and tastes.


Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent option for seeking a temporary, DIY hair extension solution. Because they are not permanently attached to your hair, you can remove them whenever you wish.

Aside from that, when joined, they appear natural and smooth. This is the most cost-effective hair extension available. It doesn’t harm your hair in any way, and it’s easy to put on!


On the other hand, Tape-ins are thin tape wefts affixed to your hair. It’s a popular choice due to its non-chemical properties, making it feel and look like real hair.

They may be added to your hair in less than an hour, just like clip-ins. Tape-in hair extensions can last up to two months and be utilized three times if properly cared for.

Micro Rings

Ring hair extensions are an excellent way to attach extensions to your hair without heat or adhesive and look innovative. Micro ring extensions are one of the more professional extension techniques. They also have the appearance and feel of natural hair. Micro rings attach the extension strands, which are inserted and clamped flat. Micro rings come in various sizes and hues, helpful if you have colored hair.

Nano Rings

Nano ring hair extensions are applied in the same way micro rings are. The main difference is that nano ring hair extensions are the ideal alternative for fine hair. Because the rings are so small, the extensions are virtually indistinguishable. Remove the extensions 6 to 8 weeks after the first application to reduce hair strain.

LA Weave

This is a popular and flexible hair extension. Using micro ring attachments and specialist sewing procedures takes around an hour. Depending on your natural hair type, you can choose between a 120g or 150g weave thickness.

Keratin Pre-Bonded

If you seek something to wear daily, keratin pre-bonded hair extensions provide realistic and natural results. The keratin link, also known as hot fusion, connects the keratin square to a specific section of your hair and sets this apart from other styles. This is a durable connection because the hair technician will sculpt and shape the extensions, and the heat will seal it.

When considering hair extensions, be important to look into your possibilities. After doing your research, you might seek professional help from a hairstylist if you’re still unsure.

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