Water Flowers
Water Flowers

Most Beautiful Water Flowers to Grow in Water

Flowers and plants in the sea are distinct from those that thrive on the ground. They can survive to vast depths of the sea and thrive in saltwater. These underwater flowers are not just lovely things, some of them are used as medicine, while others perform a functional role in maintaining the stability of the ecosystem.


June 8 is World Oceans Day, the day commemorating the role of the oceans in our daily life. Giving tribute to the ocean day celebration, we are giving you the beautiful & famous underwater flowering plants that will make a smile on your face.


Water Poppy

Water poppy is a floating water plant native to South America. This plant is well-known for its round-shaped, dark-green leaves & lovely lemon-yellow flowers with red-brown centers. Thus, water poppies can be a fabulous addition to your water garden.


Water poppy simply grows on shallow ponds with still waters. It requires full sunshine. On the water surface, this plant is scattered across 18 inches and rises to 6 inches in height. This plant produces lovely lemon-yellow flowers in summer. The flowers remain only for a day. But water poppies bloom frequently throughout the summer.


Red algae

Red algae have occupied the warm, tropical waters of the world for the past 500 million years. It begins its unique color from phycoerythrin, a pigment that absorbs blue light & reflects red light. Similar to kelp, red algae are abundant in protein and vitamins, giving them a popular food source for countries in Asia.



Trust us when we say that no pond garden can ever be made without a Lotus flower in it. It is one of the most pristine, most beautiful, and most popular water flowers that can take the value of any water garden to the next level. These flowers can be grown in every shallow pond or lake, which provides their root in the mud. Lotus needs direct sunlight for growth & hence they cannot last under cold climatic conditions. Flowers exude love, care and affection. You can send flowers to Noida to flaunt your emotions to your special someone. 


Water Hyacinth

The water hyacinth is a lovely floating perennial flower that native to tropical South America. This flower grows well in ponds, streams, lakes, & ditches. Water hyacinths are recognized for their thick, bright, rounded leaves and stunning blue to violet flowers.

Water hyacinths typically grow up to 1 meter above the water surface. Their leaves grow 4-8 inches over. The stalk of the water hyacinth flower is large and spongy. It blooms summer through fall, offering spikes of engaging blue to violet flowers with 6 petals.


Water Lily

It is presumably the most beautiful water flower in the world. Water lilies can be grown by planting deep roots in the soil of any pond or other shoal water body. These flowers can be located in a variety of shades such as violet, blue, yellow, white, red, peach, orange, and pink, with about 70 various known species worldwide. In addition, they give shelter to different types of fish and shellfish in any pond or water body so that they grow up.


Water Hawthorn

It is an engaging water flower that produces pleasant-smelling, tiny white flowers. In addition to the beautiful flowers, water hawthorns have long, thin, floating leaves. Indeed, it is one of the best methods to grow in your water garden. This wonderful flower is also used as a fishbowl plant.


 Water hawthorn has a height of up to 10 cm & can veil 2-3 feet over the surface of the water. This water flower blooms twice a year, from mid-spring to mid-summer & flowers again open in winter. On blooming, the charming white flowers produce a pleasant, vanilla-like scent.



The variety is too small to see with the naked eye, but they hit together in long, visible groups. Phytoplankton does photosynthesis, such as kelp & seagrass. Some scientists think that a class in the Prochlorococcus category weighs as the top photosynthetic creature on Earth. In addition to providing the world with infinite tons of oxygen, these microscopic & seldom single-celled organisms also give food for higher orders of life, including whales.



So, these were some popular sea flowers. Aside from the flowers listed up, enough other varieties of water flowers can work surprise in any water garden. Celebrate the day by sending flowers to your loved ones and order flower bouquet online or initiate them to grow at least one flower in their garden. Happy Planting!

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