Looking for a Kiss Cartoon alternative? Check out our top picks!

With the shutdown of Kiss Cartoon, users are looking for KissCartoons alternatives. The following list includes similar sites to Kiss Cartoon, as well as mirrors and clones of the now defunct site. For those unaware, Kiss Cartoon, which was based in China, shut down due to pressure from the Chinese government and its censorship laws. While those who live in China may be out of luck, those living elsewhere can find similar sites to the infamous anime streaming website. Continue reading below to find out more about these alternatives!

Sites Like Kiss Cartoon

There are many sites like KissCartoon, but here’s some of our favorite alternatives to kissanime. This is far from an exhaustive list. What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @planswiki with #planswiki.


The most popular free option and just happens to be open source. While it lacks official support from any major video providers, AceStream has worked around that with user-friendly extensions and links that allow you to watch your favorite channels through various services. It even works with Kodi on certain devices so you can watch your favorite shows on everything from a Raspberry Pi to Amazon Fire TV. That said, we have not tried running it through Alexa yet but imagine it’s only a matter of time.


This movie streaming site is one of our favorite alternatives to KissCartoon. It’s safe and secure, with new movies being added on a regular basis. No wonder so many people are ditching traditional cable in favor of free movie sites like Putlocker. There are no annoying ads or pop-ups either, which makes watching your favorite flicks more enjoyable than ever before. Just don’t forget to purchase that popcorn before you start watching – you can get discounts if you buy in bulk!


If you haven’t heard of Vidoza, it’s one of many alternative YouTube search engines. In fact, I think it was created specifically to be an alternative YouTube search engine. And even though there are dozens (probably hundreds) of those on the market today, Vidoza has become very popular in recent years. It already has over 30 million active users and serves up over 4 billion results monthly. That sounds impressive—but is it enough to help your channel grow? Let’s find out!


This is one of many online alternatives to Kiss Cartoon, but we think it’s probably among the best. Putlocker hosts thousands of popular shows, including newer ones like Outlander and The Americans. It also lets you watch live TV, in case you missed your favorite shows when they aired or want to see them again at your convenience. Putlocker doesn’t require any signup or registration, so all you have to do is click on play now and start streaming instantly. You can watch all these great TV shows free with an ad-supported account (which is free) or remove ads by paying $1 per month.

Final words

Best alternatives to kisscartoon include WatchCartoonsOnline, 9anime and Cartoons8. For any questions regarding these alternatives, make sure to leave them in our comments section below. Have you ever used any of these platforms? How did your experience compare with that of kissing-cartoon’s services? Let us know by leaving a comment below. If you found yourself here looking for an alternate, we wish you good luck finding it. Your feedback is also more than welcome!

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