You are currently viewing Little Patrick Street: A Property in Belfast for Comfortable Stay of Students

Little Patrick Street: A Property in Belfast for Comfortable Stay of Students

Belfast is the capital as well as the largest city of Northern Ireland. It stands on the
banks of the River Lagan on the east coast and therefore is a perfect city for nature
lovers. On the other hand, this city comprises a wide variety of places of tourist

The significance of this city does not end here. Belfast also provides brilliant quality
education to the students. The city has two universities, which not only provide the
education to the indigenous students but a big number of international students also
visit here for studying. These two universities are Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster

Therefore, some excellent places for student accommodation can be found in this city.
Little Patrick Street is one of the ideal places for student accommodation Belfast.
This place for accommodation provides you a wide range of facilities, which you might
have expected. There are some of the important aspects of Little Patrick Street, which will help you
perfectly in understanding it.

Ensuite Rooms and Studios

Little Patrick Street offers two types of accommodations to the students, which are
ensuite rooms and studios. The ensuite student rooms available here have three
types, which are bronze ensuite, silver ensuite, and ensuite.

The ensuite rooms are available in the flats. Each student home comprises six ensuite
rooms. So, if you choose the ensuite you also find the company of housemates.

On the other hand, the student studios are available in two types, which are Bronze
Studio and Gold Studio. The studios come with a dual occupancy, so two people can
stay in one studio.

Facilities inside Ensuite Rooms and Studios

The facilities according to the contemporary requirements can be found inside both
ensuite rooms and studios.

The major requirement in each place for accommodation remains a fully-equipped
kitchen and the accommodations in Little Patrick Street are fully in accordance with this
need. In a kitchen, you find a cooking hob, a microwave, and an oven.

There is ample storage space in each accommodation. First of all, you find a wardrobe
where you can store your apparel. Besides, there are different types of storage spaces
to keep different assets. For instance, you find under-bed storage where you can keep
the things according to your wish.

How can accommodation for students be complete without the study arrangements?
Therefore, the students find a study table and chair inside their rooms or studios.

Another important asset of today is an internet connection when a large number of tasks
are accomplished via the internet. To facilitate this to the students, a Wi-Fi internet
connection has been provided to the residents. You need to pay the bill for the Wi-Fi

Facilities in the Property

You can also find many facilities outside your ensuite rooms and studios also inside the
property. Here are to name a few:

 Study Room
There are some occasions when the students need to do the disturbance-free studies.
To facilitate this to the residents, a special study room is available in this property.

 Games Room
Fun is also a necessary aspect of life. The students also need some fun apart from the
studies. To facilitate this to the residents, there is also a games room in this property.

 Laundry Room
Personal hygiene is also essential for everyone and fresh and washed clothes are
necessary for this purpose. Moreover, the clean clothes also provide you a good rapport
among others. If your clothes are not washed, they will not put a good impression on
others, like your friends in the property, your classmates in the university, or the
bystanders in the places for sightseeing.

So, there is a laundry room available in this property to provide you up-to-date clothes.

 Common Area
Students also like to befriend others and for this, the common area of this property is
the perfect place. In the common area, the students can also meet new people, and can
also help each other in their studies.

 Outdoor Area

The outdoor area is the place where you can roam and can get the fresh air. This area
can also work as a common area.

 Communal TV
Communal TV is another source of entertainment. You can enjoy watching the TV
shows with other residents of the property.

 Bicycle Storage Space

Bicycle ride lovers can keep their own bicycles here unhesitatingly due to the availability
of bicycle storage space.

Distance from Universities

The students of Ulster University can reach there within just 4 minutes on foot. Belfast
Metropolitan College is 14-minutes’ walk away from here. Queen’s University Belfast is
within 36 minutes walking distance but you reach there in less time through the public
transport system.

Final Thoughts

Little Patrick Street is undoubtedly an ideal property where the students can spend their
years of study with full comfort. Booking accommodation in a property like Little Patrick
Street was never so easy before. You can book it easily through the websites of student
accommodation service providers.

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