infertility is related with Lifestyle

Lifestyle Can Change The Quality of Sperm

Sperm health determines the capability of sperm to fertilize eggs. Quality of sperm refers to more than one thing. It is the quantity of the sperm, its quality of it, and sperm motility, or the ability of the sperm to move. Men with a lower amount and quality of sperm or having poor sperm motility can have trouble getting pregnant. Quality, quantity, and motility can be affected by our lifestyle, food habits, addiction, etc. Therefore, doctors always advise avoiding lifestyle habits that can cause long-term health hazards.

Control Blood pressure and diabetics for improving fertility

Diabetes and pre-diabetes are gradually increasing among young people. Therefore, any major impact of diabetes on male fertility is a concerning issue. For example, high blood sugar levels increase the chance of infertility among men. According to recent studies and reports, men with diabetic issues are prone to DNA damage problems. They are more likely to have azoospermia, a condition where the ejaculated semen contains no sperm, suffer from low testosterone levels, and have more disrupting fertility hormones.

Similarly, there is an inseparable connection between blood pressure and sperm quality. Unhealthy sperm cannot fertilize eggs. Unhealthy refers to lower quality, quantity, and motility rate of sperm. Sperm must meet the necessary level of quantity, quality, and motility to be able to fertilize eggs. Studies have shown that men with hypertension generate low-quality and quantity sperm. Therefore, it’s always a smart choice to start engaging in practices that are healthy and will help you keep diabetes away.

Healthy diet to improve health of your sperm

Healthy diet to improve health of your sperm

A healthy diet is related to diabetic issues and other health issues like obesity. Therefore, it has the ability to directly or indirectly affect sperm production among men, and fertility. In order to improve sperm health condition and minimize the chances of infertility, you should start eating a well-balanced diet that is full of nutrients and oxidants and free from harmful cholesterol, fats, and other ingredients. It also will help to maintain your body weight.  Thus, it will help minimize the chance of obesity, and so is infertility. However, you should consult a specialist dietician beforehand to ensure that the change and progress are made properly.

Incorporate nuts into your diet to increase sperm count

Nuts are great for your fertility and improving sperm quality. Almond, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc. contains omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, folate, etc. All these ingredients are great for improving sperm quality and quantity. Moreover, these nuts are good for keeping the sperm safe from damage and the structure perfect. A perfect sperm should have an oval-shaped head and long tail. As a part of your lifestyle, include nuts in your daily diet and improve the quality of your fertility.

Maintain Healthy Weight to avoid infertility

Men with excess body weight have poorer sperm quality compared to those with balanced body weight. However, being underweight also can affect the quality and quantity of sperm in a negative way and thus can lead to infertility. You should combine healthy nutrition with regular exercise to maintain perfect body weight.

Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and drugs for better fertility

Cigarette smoking can have a severe impact on your fertility and overall health. Toxins in cigarettes reduce sperm quantity, density, and motility. Similarly, excessive alcohol consumption affects the hormonal axis and liver dysfunction. Alcohol also disrupts testosterone production. Marijuana, Cocaine, and other drug substances can lead to poor sperm health and can affect the hormonal axis, and can lower the production of testosterone.

Lifestyle, food habits, and addiction can impact our fertility and overall health condition. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to obesity, diabetes, low sperm products, and various other issues, and eventually can lead to permanent infertility. Therefore, you should start living a healthy life, incorporating healthy habits to improve fertility and health conditions.

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