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Level Up Your Instagram to Get More Art Fans and Customers


The process of managing social media isn’t easy, in particular when you’re at work. It’s simple to post your Instagram post and then claim it’s excellent, but is it helping your business? Your Instagram or any other online presence is a reflection of your branding. People will evaluate its quality and then associate it with your work.

Did you know there are more art collectors today than before and looking to Instagram for new artwork? If you’re looking to create more engaging content or figure out how to hashtag correctly, you need to improve your game. Follow these steps to boost your Instagram and gain more customers and art lovers.

Complete Your Profile

If a potential buyer stumbles on your Instagram page, You can begin the conversation in the right way by making sure that your username, picture, and bio are in top condition. Check Now.

Your username should be simple. First, make sure you use your actual name, with keywords like “artist,” the medium you are working in, or the name of your business. Next, please select an image thumbnail (beware, it’s tiny!) that fans can recognize as an image of you in a close-up or your work. Also, keep your bio brief as well as sweet and descriptive.


Make sure to add a link to the website you have created or to your Artwork Archive’s public profile page. Your bio is the isolated spot where your followers can click on a hyperlink, and the entire purpose of your profile is to market your work! Of course, you can also alter the URL based on what you’d like to showcase.

Follow The Right People

Social media guru CoSchedule states it’s one of the most effective methods of gaining more Instagram followers is to follow “suggested users.” Instagram generates these suggestions based upon the people whom you’ve been following, those on your contacts list, or posts that you’ve liked, which means they’re likely to be your intended audience.

To locate them, look for them by clicking on the icon in the top right-hand corner of the app that has the person’s name and an X. You will be taken to “Discover People” with a listing of recommended users. It is also possible to browse the profile of a similar artist you like. Then, just below the “following” and the “Following” button, you’ll find the triangle icon, which drops into a list of recommended users to look through.

If you follow someone on Twitter you follow, they will receive an email that includes your profile waiting to be seen. Often, people follow you back since they are impressed by the way they look!

Connect Your Contact List

You might have a lot of customers and fans in real life that hasn’t discovered your account on Instagram. Let them find you (and make them aware of the potential artwork they can purchase) by clicking those three dots located in the upper right-hand corner of your Instagram account. Then, select “Find Contacts” and follow those you’d like to join and believe might like your Instagram.

Be Social

You’ll be amazed at how much money you can earn to be active with social networks. You’ll make fans and gain customers through this! Begin by loving and commenting on posts of your fellow artist and influential people. Always respond to people who have left comments on your images with a small “thank you” that might suffice. Remember that this platform offers the possibility of connecting between artists. If you are a fan of an artist’s work, or they are doing something that interests you, do not be afraid to contact them and let them know that – there’s no telling what could result from these connections.

Create Good Content

We’ve already said it, and we’ll reiterate it Always prioritize quality over quantity. Instagram is a great way to share your experiences as an artist with your followers. Be authentic, enthusiastic, and adhere to the 80/20 rule, and people will be drawn to your fascinating account.

If you’re struggling for some way to show your work, think about posting your work-in-progress photos, time-lapse video of what you are working on in the perfect space in the studio, a fresh idea, or even a detailed close-up. You can also try exploring artist accounts that you like and then create the ideas they share your own!


Check out the free design website Canva! If you’re trying to create fresh content throughout the day, Canva makes the job much more straightforward. Its Instagram hub is of templates that are simple to use and drag-and-drop components for fast but powerful designs! Keep your followers interested and share your passion and grow your business by creating attractive Insta content, photos, and ads that encourage engagement. This is the foundation of an ever-growing Instagram account!

Post Enough, But Not Too Much

Co-Schedule found that posting between one and two pictures per day is the perfect amount for Instagram. However, if you share multiple times, make sure to change the type of content you share with prospective buyers to keep their interest. Also, make sure to adhere to a regular posting schedule to stay current in their minds.

What is the most effective time to post? 22:00 a.m. 8 – 9:00 a.m. and at 5:00 p.m. discovered on CoSchedule. So your posts are noticed at the beginning of the day during working hours or at the end of work when people scroll through Instagram for a moment to detangle.

Hashtag the Right Way

The pop-culture snark aside hashtags serve a vital function on Instagram as they are the keywords and phrases that buyers utilize to locate your artwork! If you have a well-chosen hashtag, a buyer might stumble across your Instagram account and buy some of your art. This is just another way that social media is changing the world of art. What hashtags should you pick?

The best way to do this is to take a peek at the accounts of famous artists on Instagram. Check out the hashtags they’re using and how many they are using, then try it yourself to determine which one works most effectively. The general rule is to use 5 to 10 hashtags per post; however, you may use up to 30 hashtags. You can also create your brand hashtag using your company name or something like it!


Aiming to squeeze a lot of hashtags in the caption may cause your caption to feel messy and your message a bit overwhelmed. If you’re looking for a way to fix it, make sure to include your hashtags just two lines down from the caption and add a dash or a period on every line between. Then, add a comment with those hashtags.

Make Your Account Available to the world

The most you need to gain the most Instagram users is a bit of exposure. You can get the Insta word out by posting the link to your account on other social media profiles and reminding your followers to check in regularly. For more info Go Here.

Don’t just stop there! Include your Instagram image on your site and your Instagram username on your business cards, invitations, and much more. Do you send out an email list? Make sure to share your website with your email subscribers. These steps help you get more attention to your artwork and attract more art buyers.

Find What Works

With a free business account, Instagram offers insights that could make using the social media application easy for your business. You’ll be able to see the demographics of your followers, as well as the number of times your post was read as liked, commented on, or commented on, and much more. Make a note of the most popular days, times, posts, type, and hashtags that you post, and you’ll soon be well on the way to making use of Instagram to increase the sales of more of your work.

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