Learn More About Skin Purging vs. Breakout

Dermatologists are mostly questioned about what does skin purging look like?

Once you start doing skincare, you use many products on the skin. Some of those products contain active ingredients like a retinoid. These cause tiny red pimples to appear on your face, especially your chin and forehead. But you shouldn’t be worried about these pimples. These would vanish soon after your skin gets used to these products.

By reading this article, you will know about skin purging vs. breakout.

What does skin purging look like?


Usually, the skin undergoes a purging phenomenon when taking acne treatment. The skin purging looks like small red bumps or pimples are pretty painful. Some people get whiteheads and blackheads with pimples. As a reaction, your skin would become dry, rough, and super sensitive. However, it would heal in a short period.

The pimples will mostly occur on the spots where breakouts occur the most. Your skin surface layer is often shed when new cells are in a production phase. This happens when you are using new products for skin care. So, this process pushes all of the dead cells, sebum, and dirt to the skin’s surface. You might get pimples, cysts, whiteheads, peeling off the skin, and pimples with pus.

Every individual has their reaction. It depends on your skin texture, type, tendency to react to the active substances etc. For example, if you are experiencing skin breakout, the pimples would form on new regions of the face. Your skin will regain its glow after some weeks. Some of you might get an intense reaction on the skin. However, you must understand that this reaction is not permanent. These reactions show that your skin is working now.

The ingredients that trigger the skin to purge

  • Any types of retinoid
  • AHA’s
  • BHA’s
  • Vitamin C
  • Benzoyl peroxide

How long does skin purging last?

Answering the question of how long skin purging lasts is a frustrating question. Because you need to be patient throughout the whole procedure, the healing process can take more than a week. However, trust the process.

The use of a single ingredient would accelerate your skin functions. It is like getting rid of the dead cell and skin and replacing them with new ones. An average person’s skin would take no more than six weeks. But still, it might take a bit longer for sensitive skin.

How to speed up skin purging?

Once you are sure your skin is purging out, you must follow the following steps. These steps would help to speed up the skin purging process.

  1. Continue using the same product
  2. Scrap off your dead skin
  3. Use Vitamin C serum
  4. Light moisture

Skin breakout

Breakout is a commonly occurring skin problem that almost every teenager face. You will get annoyed by the never diminishing pimples on your face. In some cases, it happens as a reaction to a skin product. Or sometimes, it might be a side effect or allergy to a particular ingredient in the treatment. They often occur in the areas where you generally don’t experience acne. The acne-causing breakouts are different because they make your skin red and produce pimples.

Usually, it happens when your skin pores trap the dead cells in them. Your skin is then unable to breathe, which possibly results in it.

Skin purging vs breakout


Here are some facts about skin purging vs. breakoutsSkin purging is likely to occur when you use a new skin product to make it appear better. You might get pimples that show the products are working on your skin. The breakout happens when your skin is giving a reaction to a product because it is sensitive to it. Then, it can block your skin pores or gives an allergic reaction. But gives you intense pain and irritation. If you continue using the same product, your skin condition will worsen.

A purging skin can be kept as it until it gives extreme reactions. At the same time, you can’t continue a product that gives you breakouts. Mainly, purging occurs in the areas where you already get pimples. A breakout occurs in new regions. The process of purging might take some weeks to cure. The breakout appears after using skin products for some days.

Belle Cote Paris brand

Our brand takes care of all skin-related problems. From skin purging to breakout, all treatments are available in our stores. For skin purging, you can use the following products.

  • Organic seaweed exfoliator

It is a gentle exfoliator that removes all unwanted damaged cells from the skin. It clears out the blocked skin pores. Your skin will brighten up and become hydrated. It contains AHA’s, BHA’s, and shea butter.

  • Azelaic toner

This toner acts as a scrub that exfoliates your skin. It restricts the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. Also, the redness of your skin will be improved.

  • Moisture gel

Try our marine moisture gel. It has a light consistency and gives you a total hydration effect on the skin. It will press down the dead skin.

As skin purging vs breakout is a never-ending argument. It cannot be resolved quickly. For this, you can try Belle Cote Paris products to treat both skin problems. With the usage of products, you must show patience as the treatment might take longer in some cases.

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