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Learn Best Methods to Compress PST File Without Outlook Easily

Summary: This article explains the simplest way to compress PST file without Outlook application in order to create some space to add some data into that. Here, we have explained both conventional and professional ways to quickly compress and create some storage space to insert more data   

PST is the file format that Outlook uses to store the data like Emails, Notes, Contacts, Tasks etc. And we also know that this PST has a data storing limit. Before the Outlook 2002 version came, it used to store up to 2GB of files only in ANSI format. Later in the next version (Outlook 2003 and 2007), the storage limit went up to 20GB and it uses to generate the UNICODE PST file. After that, in 2010, 2013, and 2016/2019, Microsoft increased the 50GB of file size. Though Sometimes, 50 GB is not enough, as there can be a large amount of data that a user wants to store. However, due to exceeding the storage limit, the user gets into trouble saving all those data in the same PST file. To fit all the required data in PST they search for a solution to compress PST file without Outlook.       

So, now if you are still looking for a solution and you ended up here then, you arrived at the right place, here we will discuss the solution for this query and we will provide the guided path to reduce PST file size without Outlook.

Before we directly step into the Solutions, let’s understand the benefits of compressing the file size.

What are the Advantages of Shrinking PST Files?

  • By compressing files, the Outlook application runs smoothly.
  • Splitting large PST files can reduce the issues like hanging and running slowly.
  • It avoids the MS Outlook corruption issue.
  • Takes less time to load files in specific PST files.

Manual Solution That is Freely Available to Reduce the Outlook File Size

Here, we will be explaining the manual way to compress the PST files in Outlook. So, to execute the compression process, the user will need to have an MS Outlook account. Because required PST files can be reduced using Outlook. So, now follow the steps if you have an active Outlook account.

1: Launch the Outlook account and navigate to the File tab.

  1. Select the account settings option and press the Account Settings.
  2. Under the Account settings window hit the Data Files tab and select the required data file to compress.

After selecting the file, then press the Settings tab which is placed below the data file tab.

A window called Outlook Data File Setting will open, select the Compact Now option. And finally, press the Ok button.

And the selected Outlook PST file will be compressed to create some space to save other data.

Note: The steps mentioned above are for the latest running version (2016/2019).  

For the 2003 and 2007 Outlook versions and the Older Versions

  1. In the Outlook account, go to the File option and select Data File Management.
  2. The remaining steps are the same as those mentioned above.

Method 2: Users Can Archive Emails in Outlook to Manage Some Space

  1. Follow the steps to get some space in the PST file by archiving the emails in the Outlook application. Follow the steps carefully.
  2. Go to the File option and select the tools option and then hit the Clean up Old Items. (For Outlook 2016/2019 versions).
  3. For older versions (2003,2007). Select the Info option and go to the tools.
  4. Under, the Archive window, select the “Archive this folder and Subfolders” and provide the file path and set the date.
  5. Now, mark the Include items with Do not Auto Archive option to archive the required files to consist of automatic archiving. And finally hit on the OK button.

Note – In the manual process, the users cannot compress the files effectively. And Outlook Installation is necessary to execute the task.

There are some users who have the PST file but don’t have an Outlook account in that case users have an alternative option using an automated tool that can compress PST file without Outlook account. As it can easily shrink the PST files easily. Later, the user can add data to the PST file.

Instant Solution to Compress PST File Without Outlook Using a Software

As we have seen that using the manual solution, the user must have an Outlook account. Moreover, it does not compress the PST file efficiently and at a time it compresses PST files. Limitations like this can restrict a user to compress their files. So, in that case, it becomes important to use a Professional PST Compress Solution and there is the perfect tool to Compress Outlook PST Files Without Using Outlook.

Step by Step Guide to Reduce PST File Size Without Outlook Immediately

  • Download and launch the tool and add the files using the Add File or Add Folder option.

compress PST file without outlook

  • Choose the PST file that the user wants to compress.

load the file to compress

  • The next step is to choose the folder where the compressed PST file will be saved.

brows the location to save compressed files

  • Finally, press the Compress PST button to initiate the process to compress PST file without Outlook.

click the compress button

  • Now choose the compression option(Remove Attachments, Extract And Save Attachments, Extract Save and Compress Attachments) and hit on the Compress button.

compress PST file without outlook

Feature of This Oustanding Utility to Compress PST File Without Outlook 

  • It enables the users to compress large PST file sizes by Removing, saving, and Extracting attachments.
  • This tool supports the compression of both ANSI and UNICODE PST files.
  • It shows the Generated Log report of files which got compressed.
  • It is compatible with all the Windows and Outlook versions  
  • Using the utility, it can compress PST files in batches.

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We have seen that there are several users with oversized PST files, and they want to add data in the same file but are not to insert the data. So, they have an option to compress the existing PST file, to make some space to insert new data. So, in this article, we have explained a few manual methods and the most efficient way to compress PST file without Outlook without losing any data.

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