Law Books & Entrepreneurs who were ex-convicts

Law Books Entrepreneurs who were ex-convicts


Reading law books may make it difficult for them. There’s no telling what tomorrow will bring, and this powerful statement motivates most of us.

Ex-prisoners may even face more difficulties. Everyone is looking at you. Is there anything you can do? What should you do? As an ex-offender in the outside world.

When you have a criminal record, finding a job is difficult. A criminal record is a deal-breaker for any business.
What happens next for ex-convicts? The law books have strict rulings on it.

These people’s achievements are amazing and extremely exciting. They have overcome obstacles and hurdles to make ends meet.

We feature ex-convicts who became successful entrepreneurs today. How did they do it? There is no need to be an ex-convict to read this piece, as it will motivate you.

Author: Adrienne Small

Likewise, Adrienne is an ex-convict. Who has done well as an entrepreneur?
Her name is Adrienne. She is an entrepreneur who has done well. From 1989 to 1991, she was jailed in Westchester County Jail for hitting a police officer.

It was between 1991-1993. She returned to prison a few months ago. She had a teenager in prison for drug-related charges.
During her visits, she got the idea for her business. She then boarded the bus to the prison and sold the inmates the items they needed; pillows, Tylenol, toothpaste, soap, etc.

Smalls began her business with $500 from her family. To grow her business, she was able to borrow money from a local development corporation later in 1998.

As a result, Prisonhelp was born. Her advice is for ex-prisoners. In addition to organizing visitor trips. She helps ex-prisoners find employment. She does according to law books.

Vickie Stringer

She served seven years in prison in Texas before becoming one of the most successful ex-offenders and entrepreneurs in the world.

Vickie wrote the fictionalized autobiography Let That Be the Reason while serving time in prison.

A total of 26 publishers turned her manuscript down. Her attempts to publish the book ended badly.

Ultimately, she had to raise $2500 from family and friends for publishing. In the first week, she sold 1,000 copies.

From her truck until 2002, Vickie sold her books.

As a result of receiving $50,000 in advance payment from a small publishing company, she launched Triple Crown Publications.

The new company generates between $2.5 and $5 million of revenue per year, according to


Like it won’t last forever, even if it fails today. You fall once, you get up the next time, it is like baby steps. As you can see, it is not over yet. These stories teach us that the journey is not completed yet. Then, at least, all the rest will fall into place in its rightful place, at the right time, when we do what we do best. We should follow law books.

The good news is that when we focus on what we do best, everything else falls into its rightful place when the time comes.

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