Download all attachments from Outlook at once

Know How to Download Attachments from Outlook At Once – Explained

If you are searching for the solution to download all attachments from Outlook at once then wait. In this write-up, we talk about the most relevant solutions which are easy and reliable to download all attachments within a limited time. We mentioned the manual and the automated procedure in this article, which you can apply as per your need. 

Downloading Outlook attachments is a very tiring and time-consuming solution while doing one-by-one. We also explained the most reliable utility presents currently on the market, which saves your precious time and lots of effort by downloading all the attachments from Outlook at once. If you need to download or save all the attachments then the manual solution can become a huge problem for this because to download all the attachments one by one.  

Download Attachments from Outlook- Native Workaround 

If you are using Windows OS then perform the mentioned below steps. It is a free manual procedure to save Outlook attachments. 

  • First thing first, open the Outlook application.
  • Then, open the email with multiple attachments within it. This email can open in the reading pane or it can also open in a new window.
  • Click on the download arrow icon alongside the attachment’s file and then click save all attachments in the drop-down list
  • After that, go to the File tab and then select save attachments as an option. 
  • A small Window to save all attachments will pop up. Then select attachments & click OK.
  • Then select the destination where you want to place the attachments. 
  • At the last, click OK

Professional Way to Download All Attachments from Outlook at Once

This third-party utility helps you out through this query to download all attachments from Outlook at once in the fastest and easy way, you can save all the attachments in one go. Including the BAK & PST file, this software is capable to save attachments from IMAP and POP3 Outlook. 

Using this software is an easy task, technical or non-technical users can use this utility easily.  We also provide a screenshot on our product pages to create a more easy task for you. There are some more features of this software which you can go through by clicking on this link Outlook Attachment Extractor which is verified and suggested by the users.

Last Words 

In this technical write-up, we discuss the multiple solutions to download all attachments from Outlook at once. We talk about the manual and the automated solutions for the exact procedure. We found out, that the manual method is capable to save Outlook attachments but the manual procedure is time-consuming and a slow process. And the professional procedure is capable to download all the attachments at once in just a few clicks and seconds. So, we suggest you implement the automated solution because it is quick, time saver,  and there is no risk of data loss. 

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