Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek – Unmissable Treks to do


Six breathtakingly beautiful high altitude lakes are included in the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. You will walk more than 72 kilometres over the course of a week.


You will cross high mountain passes on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. This hike gives you the opportunity to see the varied vegetation and picture-perfect beauty.



Vishansar Lake

Gadsar Lake

Gangabal Lake

Nundkol Lake 

Satsar Lake

Krishansar Lake


Vishansar Lake


This is the first lake on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, and it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Kashmir. Vishansar Lake is a high-altitude alpine lake located 3,710 metres above sea level.


For Kashmiri Pandits, this pristine lake holds special significance. This lake is ideal for fishing and relaxing in the summer because of its tranquil surroundings.


The lake, however, remains frozen during the winter. It is a major source of water for the Neelum River and receives water from Krishansar Lake. 


  Vishansar Lake activities include trout and Mahseer fishing, photography, and camping.


The best time to visit Vishansar Lake is between June and September.

Shitkadi Village is located 35 kilometres away (base camp).


The main attraction at Vishansar Lake is the Nichnai Pass, which is 4,100 metres above sea level. 


Gadsar Lake


This beautiful alpine lake can be found in Kashmir Valley’s Ganderbal district. It is also known as the ‘Lake of Fishes’ because it is a natural habitat for trout and other types of fish.


Gadsar Lake is located 3,600 metres above sea level and is fed primarily by melting glaciers. This lake joins the Neelum River in Tulail.


There are a variety of activities available here, including trout fishing and angling. This is Kashmir’s most beautiful lake, where you can relax in peace and quiet.


Trout fishing, angling, photography, sightseeing, trekking, and nature walks are among the activities available at Gadsar Lake.


Gadsar Lake is best visited between June and September.


Distance: 15 kilometres from Ganderbal and 25 kilometres from Sonamarg via Vishansar Lake.


The main draw is the crossing of Nichnai Pass to reach Gadsar Lake.


Gangabal Lake


The largest of Kashmir’s Great Lakes is Gangabal Lake. This is one of Kashmir’s most sacred lakes, with special religious significance for Kashmiri Pandits. It is part of the Harmukh Ganga Pilgrimage.


The sparkling blue colour of the lake and the pristine beauty of this scenic area will enchant you. This Kashmiri hidden gem is tucked away in the majestic Harmukh mountain range. The most common species found here is brown trout.


Among the activities available at Gangabal Lake are trout fishing, horseback riding, camping, nature walks, and angling.


Between May and October is the best time to visit Gangabal Lake. Naranag is located 13 kilometres away.


The main attraction of Gangabal Lake is the crossing of Zaj Pass from Gadsar Lake to Gangabal Lake.


Nandkol Lake


This is the final lake on your journey through the Great Kashmir Lakes. 


There is a lovely campsite on the Nandkol Lake bank where you can stay and enjoy stargazing.


The colour of the lake changes with the light, and you can enjoy the scenic sunset views. This lake is fed by Gangabal Lake and melting glaciers.


Nandkol Lake offers activities such as trekking, trout fishing, angling, camping, and nature walks.


The best time to visit Nandkol Lake is between June and September.


Distance from Srinagar: 64 kilometres; Naranag: 10 kilometres.


The Wangath Nallah, a major tributary of the Sindhu River, is the main attraction of Nandkol Lake.


Satsar Lake


It is a collection of seven lakes known for their tranquil beauty and scenic backdrop.


Satsar Lake, which is surrounded by snow-capped Himalayas, is a popular destination for both thrill seekers and peace seekers. You can camp near the lake and enjoy the breathtaking views.


Stargazing and nature walks are two of the best things to do near Satsar Lake. It’s an excellent location for getting away from it all and spending time in nature.


Trekking, camping, nature walks, and stargazing are among the Satsar Lake activities.


Between June and September is the best time to visit Satsar Lake.

Distance from Srinagar: 64 kilometres; Naranag: 10 kilometres.


Satsar Major Lake Highlight: Cross a glacier from Gadsar Lake to Satsar Lake. The small glacier pools near the campsite are the main attraction.


Krishansar Lake


This is Vishansar Lake’s twin lake and is located at a higher elevation. In the summer, Krishansar Lake, which is only 1 km from Vishansar Lake, is also popular for fishing.


The colour of the lake changes from sunrise to sunset, providing breathtaking views.


Krishansar Lake is a haven for nature lovers and peace seekers, surrounded by lush greenery and sprawling meadows. Gadsar Pass is close to Lake Gadsar, a popular trekking destination.


Trout fishing, angling, photography, and a nature walk are among the activities available at Krishansar Lake.


The best time to visit Krishansar Lake is between June and August.

Vishansar Lake is one kilometre away.


The main draw of Krishansar is its proximity to Vishansar Lake. Near the lake, you will cross Nichnai Pass, which is 4,100 metres above sea level.

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