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Instagram Has Created False Impression of Our Lives

Social media is a way to stay connected with people, friends, and family living far the distance. With the rising popularity of the platforms like Instagram, people are influenced every day by the trends going viral. The day-to-day activities, moments, and reels keep us busy all the time.

It’s good to interact with people on social media such as Instagram. But life doesn’t seem to be similar to how it looks on Instagram. People have created a false impression of our love. From reels to content and fake pictures, whatever they share is not real. This has shifted us towards sad life.

Instagram has created a virtual world where most things are not real, and people believe what they watch without realizing whether it’s true.

As per the recent stats, social media platforms can foster depression and envy in those who follow them. Also, according to the research made by Pew, 71% of the content that we see on social media platforms can make us anxious and angry.

And So On

Nearly 49% of the people are experiencing depression and nearly 31% of the people still feel lonely after viewing some depressive content. Moreover, the University of Pennsylvania also conducted a student case study. They were asked to limit their social media use and view no more than 30 minutes a day.

They examined the students for three weeks, where they noticed building new habits in the students who limited their social media usage. Moreover, the participant also reported reducing anxiety, depression, and loneliness. People start interacting with each other. The participants experience less stress and anxiety when they quit their social media usage for the long term. These case studies require a lot of research and deep study, which is why students prefer to have assignment help online from the experts.

Similarly, several case studies have been made on Instagram and its impact on humans and how it creates a false impression on the viewer’s mind.

  1. Portray A fake Social Media Life

Many people post videos and photographs daily on their Instagram accounts to show what they are doing and how they enjoy their lives. We have seen happy relationship pictures, gifting each other, and thriving careers. Moreover, some people show how cool it is to find new hobbies. And follow new trends without knowing what kind of impact they have on their life.

Living such a life can create a false impression on everyone. Moreover, false impressions and fake living goals and relationship goals may negatively impact your overall life. Therefore, you have to restrict the time to use social media accounts.

Here is a need to shed some light on the major questions between social media and actual life. Moreover, there is a need to draw a strict line to positively using social media. People have to understand what kind of picture they are creating in the user’s mind. Therefore, it is essential to stop manipulating social media accounts and accomplish a real-life goal. We all need to share data that brings value to real life instead of fake social media life.

  1. People Fake Their Online Presence

Have you ever seen someone’s picture and video on Instagram that make you envy? We all have seen such videos and images that may help us excited, and we want to be like them without knowing the flip side of the coin. People show romantic pictures and reels about relationship goals without knowing whether it is true.

They manufactured a selfie to seem nice or hide their reality from the world rather than acknowledge it or not post anything. Perhaps you’ve seen photos of a joyful family opening presents around a Xmas tree and desired you had a large, loving family like theirs. They didn’t mention that three adults weren’t communicating with each other, and the kids spent the entire day acting up. The opportunities for faking fantastic stuff on social media are boundless; therefore, everyone should be aware that they may need to see postings through with a filter at times. Apart from that, you can also read about the assignment editing services.

Bottom Line

There are endless possibilities of fake and fabulous lives on Instagram and other social media channels. The sad things are that we all get trapped in the fake world and try to make Instagram life to be real life. Maybe you are attempting to make your life better. But in trying to create the best world like Instagram, you may ruin the real-life fun. It further creates stress, anxiety, and depression. Hence, it’s better to limit social media usage, live in the authentic world, and focus on tangible things rather than being fake. And you can also read about Engineering assignment help.


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