Instagram Giveaways and Contests

Insta Giveaways and Contests

Instagram is a platform that businesses are eager to use. Businesses can now connect with their Instagram followers in ways that aren’t possible through traditional marketing strategies. This platform allows brands to increase their Instagram engagement and get more likes, which will help them promote their business growth.


Participating in contests or giveaways is a fun way to promote your brand on the platform. Contests and giveaways offer limited-time offers and prizes to winners.


What is the importance of giveaways and contests?

It may seem counterproductive to offer prizes to your Instagram followers via contests or giveaways if you want to increase business growth. However, it is well worth it. Giveaways are a great way to promote your brand, just as you need to invest in ads on Instagram. Giveaways also have a fun aspect that encourages your Instagram followers to participate.


You can increase brand awareness by inviting more people into your contests or giveaways. The rules for entering a contest or giveaway usually relate to increasing post sharing on other platforms. In the form of Instagram shares, reposts, and user-generated content, Instagram engagement signals to the Instagram algorithm that you are legitimate. This can help you rank higher in search engines. Your reach may increase if your content appears on the Explore tab.

Giveaways and contests can also show the fun side of your brand and help users get to know you better. This is a great way to build excitement for your brand and create anticipation for future posts. Who doesn’t love winning products and services for free?


It is possible to give your product or service away to someone who has just signed up for the giveaway. If they like it, they might become regular customers of your company. This can give them a taste of the products your company offers. Your Instagram followers can be encouraged to shout out to win by giving them a shout-out. This will increase their excitement and encourage them to continue to engage with your brand.


Which rules should you be following?

You need to know the rules surrounding Instagram giveaways and contests, so you don’t compromise the integrity of your brand.

Respect the laws of the region you are operating in. Many legal regulations and procedures differ around the globe. This is why it’s essential to know the rules in each territory before you launch a contest.

You must disclose if you are receiving influencer marketing benefits

A clear set of rules should be published that explains what contestants need to do to participate. Contest rules can be posted on your website or in the comments. However, people need to know where they can find them.

In the contest rules, you must include a statement that releases Instagram from all responsibility for the contest. According to the promotion guidelines of Instagram, contestants must be told that their game is not sponsored, endorsed, administered, or administered by Instagram.

It would help if you didn’t encourage incorrect tagging

Instagram will not provide any assistance if you use it for giveaways or contests. Their policy on contests and giveaways states that they won’t assist you with the administration of your promotion. They also can’t advise you whether consent is required to use user content.

What types of giveaways/contests are there on Instagram?

Once you are familiar with the rules for running giveaways and contests on Instagram, let us jump into the various types of giveaways and games that you can run on the platform.

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Comment, like, and follow

These contests are easy to set up. People need to like your post, comment and follow your account to enter. Although it’s a great way of increasing your Instagram followers, it’s not the best way to generate leads for your contest. Many people will be interested in the chance of winning something. It doesn’t require any additional effort from your Instagram followers, so you might not get the best out of it.


Tag a friend

This is an excellent way for your brand to reach new audiences. People who don’t know your brand may be notified about the tag and will learn more about your brand.


Caption a photograph

This will increase engagement and help you identify your actual Instagram followers. People who feel a stronger connection with your brand will be more likely to make an effort to caption any photo you post. This can help people express themselves and increase lead generation.


Scavenger hunt

These contests can be fun for both you and your Instagram followers. You post clues or tasks for your audience to solve, selecting the winner.


Trivia or skills contests

A trivia contest for your audience can help you find people who know a lot about your brand, and other people will learn more about it. Another great way to promote your brand is to ask your Instagram followers for their skills.


User-generated content

A branded hashtag can be created and asked users to use to share content about your products. You can ask your Instagram followers to share their experiences with your product or review it. It is essential to clarify that user-generated content will be used on other platforms. This will prevent future problems.


Instagram Stories contest

Instagram Stories allows you to run contests for 24 hours. You can also extend the duration of your game by using Instagram ads.


Establish your objectives

A contest could be a way to increase brand awareness or grow your Instagram followers. Your goal may be to generate leads or drive more traffic to your site. No matter what your goal, be clear about it. Your goals should be precise, specific, measurable, and achievable.


Consider the nuances

It would help if you planned for several factors that relate to your content, such as:


  • Based on the type of giveaway you have, what are the requirements for entrants?
  • Participation rules
  • Your contest’s duration
  • Use the campaign hashtag that you like
  • Method for notifying winners

It is essential to make it easy to enter giveaways or contests, especially since most people access the platform via their smartphones.

Be sure that the prize is worth its value

Your prize should be attractive enough to encourage your Instagram followers to enter. However, it shouldn’t be so vast that everyone will see the value even though they don’t know much about your brand. People who don’t know much about your brand will be more likely to join if you give away money.


Cross-promote your contest

Cross-promotion of your contest is necessary on other social media platforms. Use relevant links to direct people towards your content.


Keep track of your results

Track your contest results to see if you have achieved the objectives. You’ll be able to see what’s working well and what’s not so you can make adjustments.


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