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Industrial Bag Filter Housing

Bag Filter Housing

Configuration filter bags can vary from one dust collector to another. The top baghouse filter and the lower configuration will depend on the type of baghouse collector you have. The most common types of bag filter housings are pulse-jets and plenum pulses, upside down air, and shaker.

Pulse-Jet and Plenum Pulse Baghouse

Pulse-Jet and Plenog Pulse Baghouses collect dust on the outside of the filter. The gas loaded with dust floods the dust collector, and the clean air comes out through the inside of a bag while dust particles are collected on the outer filter surface. Pulse-jet is one of the most common baghouse styles to see in various industries and applications. The most common type of filter configuration the most common in this baghouse style is:

Filter Top Load Baghouse: Double Beaded Snap Band Top, Disk Bottom

Bottom Load Baghouse Filter: Top RAW, Disk Bottom

Reverse Baghouse Air.

In reverse water baghouses dust will be collected on the inner surface of the filter. The air enters the dirty side of Baghouse and flows up through the bag. Filter the bag and collect dust on the inside, then clean the air out through the top of the bag. Appeal airhouses are usually seen in large air handling applications such as energy.

Top Configuration: Compression Ribbon with Cap & Hook

Configuration Down: Compression Tape, Cordied Rope, Double Beaded Snap Defender

Shaker Baghouse.

The way the Shaker Baghouses collect dust is similar to the upside down airhouses. Dust is collected on the inside of the filter surface. Dust particles are filtered and collected in the inside of the filter, then clean the air out through the top of the bag. The difference in this system is how the bag is cleaned. The filter bag is hung and pulled from the top of the unit, and at the bottom attached to the tube sheet. As the name suggests, you clean the bag by shaking it mechanically. Shaker baghouses are generally simple, and can be seen in the application where no compressed air is available.

Top Configuration: Top Grommet, Loop Top, Strap Top

Configuration below: under corded cuffs, double snap bead band

Construction of filter bags and dimensions varies between industry, applications, types of dust collectors and manufacturers. Here are some filter bags up and down the configuration you might encounter.

The most common baghouse filter configuration:

  • Double snap beaded band
  • Disc (with or without Aus Cuff)
  • Flat sewn.
  • Open Hemmed.
  • Raw edge.
The most common baghouse filter configuration
  • Disc with zipper.
  • Spout
  • A-hanger.
  • Pipeline liaison
  • Loop belt.
  • O-ring.
Other baghouse filter configurations
  • Envelope
  • Grommet
  • Tie
  • Circle
  • Snap ring.
  • Corded
  • Double disk
  • Compression with lid and hooks
Baghouse filter resources

To learn more about how to choose the right filter bag, you can download our Filter Bag Ebook with the link below. EBooks provide resources on major topics such as; Dust properties, filter media, finishes and care, construction, and air-to-cloth ratios.

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