Hollow metal doors

Importance of Hollow Metal Doors

If you’re looking for an alternative to solid wood core doors, hollow metal doors are the answer. These doors can be installed on any surface and feature an electrified mortise lock. They can be made with surface-mounted vertical rods, allowing for invisible wiring to the mortise lock. This type of door also comes with a variety of design options, including custom size and layout. Here are some of these features. To learn more, visit the website of ASSA ABLOY.

Common types of doors

Hollow metal doors are among the most common types of doors. They typically have a steel frame with two panels laminated on each side. They are equipped with cutouts for hinges and locks. When the manufacturer installs them, they are equipe with hinge mounts and mortise locks. For added security, a hollow metal door may have a concealed magnet pocket and steel tube between the center hinge and mortise pocket. For ease of use, automatic door operators are commonly use on hollow metal doors.

Compared to other types of doors

Compared to other types of doors, hollow metal doors offer the best value. Their 18 gauge steel material is durable and impact-resistant, and they can deflect more damage than traditional wood doors. They are also nonflammable and do not melt, unlike standard metal doors. Unlike solid wood doors, The metal doors do not require constant maintenance. You can purchase metal door at great prices from Door Closers USA. You can save thousands of dollars by switching to hollow metal doors. You can also select the style and color of your choice.

The BSC full line of steel doors offers value to every jobsite. They feature heavy gauge hardware reinforcements, prime-painted finishes, and inverted top and bottom channels. Baron BSC doors are non-hand and come standard in A40 galvanization. You can trust the BSC brand for quality and durability. So, shop for steel doors and hollow metal frames from Ceco Door today. And don’t forget to contact the company’s customer service representatives today. Hollow metal doors provide a layer of security for businesses and homes.

They are often use in place of traditional wood doors because they are more durable and can be lock from the inside. the metal doors are also fire-resistant, which makes them a safer choice for buildings that are located in high-risk areas. When choosing metal doors, it is important to consider the size of the door, the type of lock that you want, and the level of security that you need.

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