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How was the Water Purification Initiatives helpful In India?

The water refinement projects and plans are significantly held in India to meet the water emergency in India. Drives were taken by the Government, including different tasks for giving refined water and making mindfulness among general society about the utilization of sanitized water.

The water purification project played a major role in the country to make people aware across the country, including in the urban and rural, of the importance of consuming purified water.

Impact of Water Purification Projects during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in various crises and problems. The projects helped out to reach people to make them aware that hygiene maintenance was essential, especially while consuming water. The entire surroundings need to be clean and hygienic to make it contamination-free.

Therefore, the Government has taken crucial steps to make people aware of maintaining hygiene and consuming purified water to prevent the transmission of the virus. For example, projects and schemes, WaterAid India, helped out people and spread awareness on water purification.

According to the research, 163 million people In India face a struggle on a daily basis to consume clean. These people don’t have a choice but to drink dirty water. The water purification project in India helped out these people and helped them with sanitation solutions to stay healthy.

Importance of Water Purification Projects In India

The water purification project in India has come up with various effective initiatives which were highly beneficial for the underdeveloped regions of the country. Let’s know about the importance in detail.

  • Helps In Keeping The Environment Safe And Clean

The projects have played a major role in maintaining the environment clean and safe. It has given many water sanitation solutions. Consumption of water in plastic bottles is hazardous to the environment, which later turns into the garbage and cannot be recycled. Ultimately, it does damage the environment.

The purified water through the water filtration solution doesn’t cause any damage to the environment.

It keeps it safe and protects it from hazards. Therefore, the projects brought up many filtration solutions to provide clean water and stop the dependency on plastic water bottles.

  • Prevents Chronic And Infectious Diseases

Hence, when people consume it before the purification process, it can cause deadly infectious diseases. Sometimes the water also gets mixed with harmful chemicals, which results in chronic diseases like cancer.

The water purification project came up with various purification solutions to avoid such health hazards.  According to research, 13 children under 5 die every hour in India due to infectious water-borne diseases like diarrhoea (WHO 2015).

The water sanitation solutions were highly effective in such conditions. The projects and schemes listed the ways to spread the sanitation solution in those regions.

  • Sanitation Solution For Providing Purified Water

The water sanitation solutions were of core importance in the water purification project.

The goal was to accumulate rainwater from the various surfaces or storage methods and then carry it out for purification and consumption.

  • Ensured Pure Water Quality

The better quality of water ensures that the environment is safe and clean. Chlorine-free water consumption was another major step.

Chlorine causes harmful effects on health such as breathing difficulties, skin-eye irritation, and other health problems to count. Hence, the projects also ensured that people should consume chlorine-free water. It helped to provide purification and sanitation solutions to the rural areas.

Further, these schemes will set major initiatives with advanced solutions in the future.

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