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How to Wash a Brita Water Filter Cartridges and Dispenser

For homeowners and corporate offices, the most popular choice for drinking water is the Brita water filter Cartridges and Dispensers. They are quick, reliable, and provide users with guaranteed pure water. Like everyone else, I’m sure you rely on the dispenser to get you clean, calm, and refreshing water. But what will the dispenser rely on when it comes to cleaning the appliance itself? 

Cleaning a dispenser is crucial because, over time, your source of clean drinking water can turn into a ground of bacteria and germs. Every appliance needs care and proper maintenance to display increased performance. If you don’t know how to clean a dispenser, you can call in a professional to do the job and pay a handful of pounds. Or you can follow the tips and steps in this article and clean your dispenser at home in 15-20 minutes yourself. 

Here’s what you need to do:

What To Use

You can find a variety of cleaning solutions in the market or make specific ones in your homes. Depending upon the particular components present in the filter, we suggest using a mild formula that does the job without ruining any parts or pieces. Some of the popular options include the following: 


  • Diluted Vinegar 
  • Bleach 
  • Baking soda 
  • Water 

To begin cleaning the dispenser, first, make sure to disable all the parts, including the reservoir and the pitcher, and then move for the cleaning process. 

Tips to Clean Brita Water Cartridges and Dispensers

Here are a few additional tips for cleaning a Brita water filter cartridges and dispensers 

  • Before starting, make sure to run through the instruction manual with a bottled dispenser for better guidance. 
  • Secondly, before cleaning, notice that your dispenser is not plugged in or has electricity running from any side, which can lead to a hazard. 
  • Gather your cleaning supplies and take the dispenser out in your garage or backyard near a water hose, so you don’t mess in the kitchen. 


How to Clean 

Now that we know the basics of cleaning the dispenser, let’s get on with the guide. 

1 Dissemble 

The first and most significant step is to disassemble all the parts. It’s essential to be very careful when dissembling them because you might break them if not careful. Locate the unit’s base of your dispenser and counter-clockwise turn to remove it. Next, spot the top half and spout to remove it clockwise. 

Once you remove both valves, fish out the filter and gently pull it out. 

2 Make a Cleaning Solution 

For cleaning, you need a mild detergent for Brita water filters. You can either use warm water and mild soap or a 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar for the mixture, and we suggest vinegar as it helps clean stubborn stains and dirt. 

3 Mildew Scratching

If you encounter any mildew or green mold on your Brita pitcher, use a brush with soft bristles to gently scratch off the affected molds. 

4 Wash the Lid 

After scraping off the molds, it’s time to wash the lid. Soak the cover in a mild solution and scrub it carefully from all sides. Use the brush to scribble off any stubborn debris stains on the surface. Lastly, rinse the lid and leave it to dry. 

5 Clean the Base of the Unit 

Here comes the critical part, when you have your cleaning solution ready, start with the unit’s base. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the inside of the unit’s base and remove the necessary dirt. You can also use an old toothbrush to clean the thread of the ground to clean out the bottom completely. 

6 Clean the top unit 

Next is the top unit. Including the spout, clean the entire head unit of the dispenser with a damp cloth. After removing the dirt from both the inside of the base unit and the top, take a soft sponge, dip it in a cleaning solution and start scrubbing to remove any leftover residue, stain, or smell. 

7 Rinse & Dry 

Lastly, Take your water hose and give a once-over to the entire dispenser. Rinse the parts and let the appliance dry. 

8 Reassemble  

After the drying part completes, start reassembling all the features and pieces. Before securing it with the top unit, be mindful of reattaching the filter cartridge to the dispenser. Secondly, tighten both the valves and ensure they are firmly closed. 

By following these steps and regularly cleaning your water dispenser, your dispenser can last for years and still provide you with pure drinking water. Or, when it’s time for a change, you can hop online to the UK Wholesale Store which is one the best wholesalers UK stores and find all kinds of Brita products and appliances for your kitchen & dining needs.

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