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How to Take Care of Tabby Cats? Cat Lifespan

The tabby kitten is a friendly and amazing pet. Many cat enthusiasts around the world agree that they are the perfect addition to any family. Tabbies remain a popular choice because of their beautiful coats and infectiously playful personalities.

If you are thinking of adopting a tabby or love cat lovers, this is the place for you. We will be discussing the lifespan of tabby tabby cats to learn how long they live. Also, what to expect at each life stage.

How long can tabby cats live?

On average, tabby cats are between 12-18years old. This is significantly longer than outdoor cats. Cats living on the streets can survive for as long as two to five years. Cats who live outside are exposed to many hazards. These could include getting hit by an automobile or being attacked by a large predator .

Some of oldest cats are tabbies. This includes “Creme Puff,” who lived to 38 and “Puss,” who was 36. Puss was listed as the oldest cat recorded in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records. Creme puff, however, beat him and the Guinness World Record for oldest cat was adjusted to reflect that.

Two major factors affect the lifespan of a tabby kitten. It all depends on the breed of cat you have and how well your tabby cat is cared for. Good care for your tabby cat will ensure a long, happy life. Here are some unique and best tabby cat names ideas.

Now that we have seen the tabby cats’ lives, let us learn more about how they go from kitten to adult.

The Average Tabby Cat Life Cycle

As with other breeds tabby cats can be divided into four life stages: kittens through to mature adults.

Let’s go over each life stage in greater detail.


The tabby cat, from birth to one year of age, is a kitten . Tabby cats are at their most sensitive and delicate stages as newborns. The tabby kitten’s first three to six month period will see them having the most energy and playfulness. Play is how kittens learn and it’s the stage when they seek stimulation.

Young Adult

The young adult stage of tabby cats is from 1-6 years. This is the time when the tabby cat starts to mature sexually and may play less often than as a kitten. It is vital to ensure that the tabby cat is eating protein-rich meals throughout this period. To prevent unwanted or destructive behavior, this is the best time to have your tabby fixed.

Mature Cat

The mature age is between 7 and 10 years. The cat’s activity level begins to decline, which can lead to weight gain. You may assume your tabby is still young, healthy, and active during this stage. But, much can happen in one cat year. That’s equivalent to four human lives. To prevent illness, regular visits to the vet are crucial during this phase of life.

Senior Cat

The senior cat phase is the final stage in a tabby cats’ life cycle. This stage begins at the age 11 for tabby cats. Regular vet exams are crucial at this stage in the lifecycle. If your senior cat has digestive problems, switching to senior cat food may help. Senior cats can be more relaxed and playful depending on what age they are.

The End

A tabby cat can live a long life. We saw this with Creme Puff’s oldest tabby, Puss. You can make sure your cat has the best possible care, food and exercise.


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