Kraft bags

How to Start a Business with Kraft Bags?

Kraft bags are a popular choice because of their simple yet timeless design. Brown paper is the most common packaging. However, white paper can also be used for customizing them. Brands commonly use these boxes because they require little customization. Businesses can reduce the design and printing costs this way. In addition, you can use various methods to enhance the box’s visual appeal. If you want to know how to use Kraft packaging for your business startup, read for some tips. Make sure you stick around until the end of the article to learn about these tips.

Choose High Quality and Durable Material for Kraft Bags:

You need to ensure that the material you choose is of high quality. This is because the low quality and cheap material can negatively impact your brand image and business sales. For example, Kraft paper is a type of natural paper often used to make Kraft bags. This material is made of wood fibers sulfate, a thick paper-making material that is light brown, yellowish brown, white, or cream and weighs between 80 and 120 gm. Moreover, you need to figure out what strength you need for the paper for your products. For example, if you want to start a clothing business, you might need glossier and thicker paper for bags. On the other hand, you might need thinner and stronger papers to make paper bags for groceries and other goods.

Select the Size of the Bag Carefully:

Paper bags are becoming increasingly popular today, and some companies use them as part of their brand. Before you print Kraft paper bags, you should figure out what size bags are best for your products. You’ll save money if you know the measures. In other words, if you print too big paper bags for small products, the items appear “lost” and unappealing. Several factors affect the sizes of paper bags, including product weight and size and the desired use. Let’s say you’re in the business of selling items that can be folded and reduced in size, such as summer clothing, dresses, swimwear, and so on. In this case, you should choose bags that aren’t too big or too small. They should be just big enough to hold your items.

Print the Kraft Bags to Make Your Brand More Visible:

Simple Kraft paper bags may not entice customers as printed bags do. For this reason, you can get a custom printing service for bags for promotional items or marketing. One of the amazing things about these bags is that they are easy to print. You have the option of printing your brand’s logo, name, tagline, or any other relevant text that is important to your customers. You can have no print, a one-color logo print, or a full-blown design if you want. A simple bag with no extra prints is elegant and the least expensive choice.

You could also choose one color and make a simple logo on one part of the bag, so it doesn’t cover the whole surface. Last but not least is the option where you get to show off your creativity. You can print any combination of colors on each unit, like a rainbow-inspired logo or a complicated 5-color design that covers the whole bag.

Select the Colors That Fits Best with Your Brand Needs:

In addition, you have the freedom to choose any color for the bags you want. It’s possible to have it in white or brown. Most people like the natural brown color of the custom Kraft bag because it looks nice and is cheap to print. No doubt, Kraft material is fantastic for the environment. However, it has some limitations when used for full-color printing. For example, colors look dull when printed on brown than on white paper. However, stick to black or white ink if you insist on using the brown bag. It can offer your packaging a beautiful, simple aesthetic. Also, when you print on Kraft, you don’t have to worry about the colors being dull. The white paper is the best if you want to use a colorful palette for printing.

Customize the Kraft Bags with a Variety of Handles:

Paper bags with handles have many obvious advantages, including the fact that they are easy to carry. In addition, the customers can also hang them on hooks on a car or motorcycle to save space. You can use many different handles on your    Some famous are die-cut handles, twisted paper handles, flat paper handles, rope handles, and cotton handles. For example, using paper twisted handles on gift bags and other bags with light contents is a great idea. In contrast, a rope handle provides the ideal mix between aesthetics and durability. Moreover, this type of handle can withstand the maximum weight of the ones specified.

Add Additional Accessories to Increase the Functionality of the Bag

Custom Kraft paper bags are strong enough to carry 10 pounds of groceries. Most brands use them to carry small, light items like gifts, souvenirs, and small things that need to be packed. But, you can add extra accessories to the bag for carrying groceries, food, snacks, take-out, or any other heavy items. For example, you can consider inserting a piece of cardboard as its base for further stability and security. This way, you do not only increase the functionality but the bag life as well.

Many businesses use Kraft bags for packaging their goods instead of regular plastic bags. The increasing trend in their usage leads to the attainment of sustainability. Moreover, these paper bags are recyclable and biodegradable. Therefore, they do not add to the landfills and pollution. Therefore, putting your goods in one of these bags is a great way to initiate your business and grow steadily. However, following the above instructions step-by-step, you can get the best out of these bags.

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