How to shrink PST files without Outlook

The MS Outlook email client provides users with the Outlook PST file that stores all the details of the users such as reminders, notes, journals, emails, and so on. But there is a certain limit on the PST files and if that limit is reach its maximum level then the MS Outlook email client does not work properly. To solve this problem users, have to shrink their Outlook PST files.

The shrinking of the PST files can also be done without installing the MS Outlook tool. In this blog, we will be discussing the methods a user can go for the shrink the PST files without installing MS Outlook.


Errors faced when size increases

Necessary information such as emails, contacts, calendars, items, tasks, appointments, notes, attachments, etc. is stored by the Outlook PST files. The size of the PST files increases the size of your Outlook mailbox. Because of this, users face many problems. Some of these issues are:

  1. Much space is taken by the large PST-sized file. If needed users have to buy the hard disk for it.
  2. Too large PST files can cause problems for Outlook clients.
  3. If the size exceeds then it can cause corruption to the MS Outlook email client leading to several problems.

These are some of the problems users face when their MS Outlook mailbox grows too large.

Size limit of Outlook PST file

The Outlook PST file can be in two formats that is ANSI or UNICODE language. The ANSI is supported by the old MS Outlook email client and stores the PST files up to 2GB of data on the other hand the UNICODE language PST file is supported by the Outlook 2013 versions and above. The storage capacity of the UNICODE file is between 20 GB to 50 GB. Moreover, if the PST files reach their maximum limit then users may face various issues.

Some of the issues are discussed as followed;

  1. The xxxx.pst file has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items you no longer need and then permanently delete them (Shift + Del).
  2. Unable to access XXXX.pst-0x80040116.
  3. Microsoft Exchange Server receive task reported error (0x8004060C): “Unknown error 0x8004060C”
  4. An error was detected in the xxxx.pst file. Close all mail-enabled applications before using the Inbox Repair Tool.
  5. Failed to add the file to a folder. The action could not be completed

These are some of the serious issues that are faced by the users while PST files reach their maximum limit.

About the app

For shrinking your Outlook PST files without the help of MS Outlook users must select the shrink PST files without Outlook tool. The application is tested by well-qualified professionals that help every single user with an easy shrinking of the PST files. Using this advanced tool every user is able to shrink their Outlook PST files. Moreover, the app is supported by any version of the Windows Operating System. No error is faced by the users while going through the shrinking of the PST file procedure. In addition, the app also provides users with a demo version that helps users to know more about the app. This demo version is free of cost tool. Also, if users do face any kind of hurdle or have any queries regarding the app then they can contact the customer service of the app which is there for the users 24×7 hrs.

How the app works

The shrinking or compressing of the PST files is reliable while using the Shrink PST files without Outlook tool. Moreover, the steps to compress the PST files using this advanced Compress Tool are simple to follow. The steps are as provided;


  1. Open the Compress PST tool
  2. Now, add the Outlook PST files
  3. Preview the PST files
  4. Now, add the location to save the compacted PST files
  5. Finally, click on the Start Converting button


These are a few steps that a user has to follow for compressing the PST files. If users have any issues, they can also have a look at the screenshots that are provided by the app.

Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed the issues that are faced due to the oversized PST files and also provided the solution to overcome this problem of oversizing. A user can follow the manual procedure to shrink their Outlook PST files but that user has to download the MS Outlook email client. We have provided a solution in which users do not need to download the MS Outlook email client for carrying out the shrinking task.

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