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How to save your Electricity bill?

Electricity has become the soul of all modern inventions. It has also helped consumers save a lot of time and effort by completely automating the process with the help of modern luxury appliances. Every Indian household function seamlessly with the help of electricity, and it is the user’s responsibility to conserve and use electricity in the most prudent way possible. The majority of the state electricity board like TNEB, UPPCL and KSEB bill payment has become much easier with the advent of intent. Consumers can use the many features of online electricity bill payment to pay their electricity bill at home. 

Although to give you a deeper insight on the same, we have mentioned some of the top tips to save your electricity bill. Keep reading to know more!

  • Use updated power-conserving products to stop the unnecessary electricity Bill:

Who doesn’t want to be updated all the time? Likewise, the electronic devices also do want to be updated once in a while for smooth and frictionless work. So, when you buy big electronic items such as refrigerators, air purifiers, air conditioners or television etc., give attention to the ratings and to be precise try to buy o product with a five-star rating. They might be a bit costlier, but in the long go, they will help you save electricity and, indeed some money from your online electricity bill payment.

  • Replace CFLs with LEDs 

One of the most legitimate ways to save your electricity bill is to replace all CFLs (Compact fluorescent lamps) or the old filament bulbs with LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs. If we talk about the power they take to glow, then a 100w bulb takes 1 unit of electricity within 10 hrs, whereas a CFL of 15w consumes a unit in 66 hours. And on the other hand, if we talk about the 9-watt LEDs, it takes a single unit of electricity after 111 hours of glowing. You’ll benefit in three ways, i.e., electricity will be save, money will be save as you will feel the difference while making the online electricity bill payment, and the LEDs illuminate more than the CFLs.

  • Escape from futile usages!

We often are reckless in terms of switching off extra appliances and lights. Whether laziness hits us hard or we are headless while going, it leads to wastage of electricity. To get rid of this, you should switch off the lights and other appliances while leaving the house. This is surely the easiest and most effortless way to save electricity and money. You also can pay the deduct KSEB bill payment online.

  • The ideal temperature ’24 degrees Celsius’

Do you know the secret of Air Conditioners? Air conditioners should always be kept at 24 degrees and it is an ideal temperature because, at 24 degrees, the ac automatically gets switch off as the room gets cool.

  • Reduce your bill by using extensions 

Lots of people use a number of appliances which requires a power source. Whether it’s a refrigerator, a water cooler, or any other electronic item, you need a direct source of electricity. You can plug all the devices into a power strip or an extension board to keep it handy. This will help you to switch them off all at once when they are not in use. It will prevent electricity wastage as it is mainly non-renewable. 

  • Before purchasing electric appliances, keep ratings in mind

While buying electronic gadgets like fridges, washing machines, air conditioners etc., special care should be given to the product’s rating. Electrical equipment holding a 5-star rating is always the best buy. The price of 5-star equipment is a bit high but it will recover cost for long run.

  • Use well-rewarding platforms to save money 

There are numerous third-party platforms apart from KSEB official website to process your bill payment. You can make use of such applications and portals as Paytm, FreeCharge, Mobikwik, etc., to gain more benefits and save a lot of money, for rewards in the form of cashback, coupons, etc., which you can redeem later. 

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