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How to put igtv? 5 Ways to Use IGTV for Business in 2022

We have talked a lot about the offensive features of Instagram, such as it. Today we want to discuss how to share it, so join my member. In the early days of Instagram, it was just a platform to share and comment on two images; But these days, Instagram has become much wider in terms of content, using the capabilities it has provided. Instagram has been able to increase its users by using its recent updates. In the past, Instagram was only suitable for users who started the program for entertainment purposes; But gradually, Instagram has become a suitable space for businesses and marketers, and today we see that business owners are looking to develop their business in this context by buying real Australian followers.

As you know, only one-minute videos can be uploaded to Instagram; Instagram solved this problem with the ability to slide in posts. These days you can publish a few videos in the form of 10 slides; But after a while, this did not meet the needs of users. Many users wanted to publish their videos in a single post without a time limit; Due to this need, Instagram offered igtv capability. Now how to put it on Instagram? If you are also looking for the answer to this question, stay tuned.

How to put igtv?

What is its capability on Instagram?

Before we understand how to install it, it is better to pay some attention to the nature and function of this feature. As you can see in the previous section, Instagram had time constraints for its video content; But this problem only existed before the time of its capability. The igtv feature on Instagram is known as Instagram TV.

It has a standalone Instagram app; This means that you can also watch videos on this platform outside of Instagram. How to set it and how to view it have no restrictions at all; Because you can access it both through igtv and Instagram.

On Instagram, you can even publish your gives in the form of a story; You can increase your igtv views by purchasing Instagram View Story. With the igtv feature on Instagram, marketers are very open to knowing more about their brand and choosing a strategy; Because they will no longer have a time limit on publishing video content. Now we want to know how to post a long video on Instagram and how to put it. be with us.

How to put igtv?

In the previous section, you became generally familiar with the nature and functions of igtv; Now we want to know how to put it and how to post the movie in igtv format? In general, you can publish long videos and it’s on Instagram in two different ways; The first method is possible through Instagram and the second method is possible through the tv program.

Post igtv via Instagram

Publishing igtv via Instagram is not a difficult task at all; The steps of posting it on Instagram are almost the same as the steps of posting a simple post. If you also have questions about how to put it and how to publish long videos through Instagram, follow the steps below. First, log in to Instagram and click on the + icon. Now select the video you want.

Once you have selected your video, select the long video option to publish the video on Instagram as it; If you select the short video option, your post will be published as a one-minute video. In this section, select the cover of your video. This step will take you to the video settings section; You must enter the title and description of your video in this section.

In the next section, by selecting the post a preview option, you can see a preview of your it. Now in the last step, just click on the post option to publish your video in igtv format. Posting these videos requires knowing a series of principles of content production that you can get acquainted with a large part of them in this video.

Put igtv through the igtv Instagram app

In the previous section, we learned how to put igtv using the Instagram app; But as we said, Instagram has created a separate program for creating igtv videos. In the following, we will teach you how to create it video through the program. To create videos, first, download the igtv app and install it on your phone. Now in the second step, open the program, and after creating an account, click on the + icon. Then in this section, you have to upload a video for your it. Now you need to specify a cover for your video in this section.

In this section, like creating igtv via Instagram, you have to specify the title and description you want for it; Also in this section, you can specify whether it will be published in your profile as a post or not? In the last step, just click on the post option to publish your it. After doing all these steps, we learned how to put igtv and publish it through the tv program.

Who can put igtv?

In previous sections, we learned how to put igtv through Instagram and the igtv app; Now who can put a long post on Instagram as it? Is there a limit to putting it on Instagram?

Our answer to this question is no; Any user with any number of followers can put igtv and publish long videos on their page. It is enough for each user to have only one Instagram account; Since then, the Instagram user has an IPTV channel by default.

These days, to create igtv on Instagram, it is enough to have just one Instagram account and a long video; Once we understand how to set up it, we can publish any number of igtv videos using our same Instagram account. It videos are a great way for you to be seen on Instagram. One of the principles that we should always consider in advertisements on famous Instagram pages is the number of views of their posts, including their it. So, by raising your tv post view, you can even accept ads.

Why is creating igtv on Instagram so important?

So far, we have figured out how to set up it and who it is for; Now why use this feature at all? In general, posting long videos on Instagram is very important; Because Instagram is based on visual content, and publishing some short content can seem bad for progress on this social network.

These days, Instagram has 500 million monthly active users; What we mean by this statistic is that you have to attract the audience in any way you can. You can read and execute content related to attracting Instagram followers, such as designing an Instagram post, to creating attractive videos and photos. Today, on Instagram, the audience pays a lot of attention to titsit videos; So, by creating long videos on Instagram, you can increase the number of your followers you can also buy Instagram followers if you move to this blog.

What features should igtv videos on Instagram have?

In the previous sections, in addition to understanding how to set up it, we learned what it is all about; Now, with what specifications should we publish our igtv on Instagram? Does it have the same specifications as regular, one-minute posts? In the following, we will discuss the specifications of an igtv on Instagram.

1.       Igtv video content must be in MP4 format.

2.       It must be at least one minute long.

3.       Creating a video in igtv format and uploading it via mobile takes up to 15 minutes.

4.       Creating a video in igtv format and uploading it through the website takes up to 1 hour.

5.       It must have a vertical dimension of 9:16.

6.       It must have a horizontal dimension of 9:16.

7.       The minimum igtv frame rate should be 30 fps.

8.       The minimum igtv resolution should be 720 pixels.

9.       The maximum volume of fewer than 10 minutes should be 650 mg.

10.   The maximum volume of longer than 10 minutes should be 3 gigs.

11.   Your igtv cover should be 420 by 654 pixels.

5 ways to use IGTV for business

Here are 5 ideas for IGTV movies or even collections you can create for your brand.

Create instructional videos

A great way to create interaction is through useful educational videos. These videos on how to make can cover various topics in your industry. For example, say you had a fitness business. You can create a set focused on exercise training, or perhaps one on healthy recipes. If your organization sells a product, you can create a video on how to create that product. There are many possibilities for great IGTV series for your brand!

Host a Q&A session!

A Q&A session with your audience is a great way to answer the immediate questions that your followers may have. It is also a great opportunity to present some business leaders and managers in your industry and you can hear their opinions!

Go behind the scenes

This is a great way to create transparency in your brand and business. By making your audience aware of how the company works – whether by interviewing co-workers or simply surfing your workspace – you make your brand visible to human audiences. This builds more trust between your audience and your organization. Don’t forget that brand trust is essential for everything from marketing to sales.

Stream an event

Do you host events such as conferences or seminars? Share this with your viewers on your IGTV channel! This is a great opportunity for those who could not attend to participate “virtually”. Your viewers will appreciate it and you can give them content that they can engage with.

Host a talk show

Ever dreamed of seeing your name under important ads? Now you can! You can have a brand-centric talk show on your IGTV. Have guests who are influential in your industry and thought leaders. Monologue about industry news. If you are ambitious, you can gather your colleagues and create an internal group.

Our conclusion from putting it on Instagram


If you are planning a professional activity on Instagram, we recommend you use the igtv feature. In this article, we learned how to put it. We hope this article has helped you enough.

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