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How To Make You Bob Wigs Look Natural?

While haircuts and trends have evolved, bob wigs have remained a continuous presence. Bob wigs have been a go-to for women of different colors, shapes, and ages worldwide. Bob wigs are popular among women because they are usually light and do not generate heat or pain in the neck and shoulders. 

What Are Bob Wigs?

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A bob wig is a hairpiece with a bob haircut manufactured from real hair or synthetic material. A wig is a short to medium-length blunt haircut drapes over the wearer’s head. Most bob wigs are comprised of synthetic fibers, but there are always exceptions. A bob wig comes in various hairstyles and can be straight, frizzy, or curly. There are different types of bob: short of, lobbing, layered, and graduated.

Once you have short bob wigs in hand, the other thing you must do is take care and make them look natural. For taking care, make sure to use chemical-free shampoos and conditioners. Avoid frequent wash and minimize the use of hot tools while styling. And once you use them, store them properly, away from heat and dust areas. 

How To Make Your Short Bob Wig Look Natural?

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1. Purchase The Right Wig

Choosing a wig that suits your head size and is comfortable is the first step toward achieving a natural look for your bob wig.

You should also get a wig that matches your hair color or shade or can pass for natural hair color. The wig’s texture, like the styling, can contribute to its natural look or lack thereof.

It is recommended to purchase a bob wig with transparent lace, as the light color of the lace will allow your scalp to show through, giving the appearance that the strands are coming out of your scalp.

If you’re seeking one, go to Indique, where they have wonderful natural curly wigs in various textures. If the length is long, you can trim them. With the right code SEA30, you can save even more on wigs, closures, and bundles. 

2. Start With Hairline & Skin

To remove the oil from your hairline, use an alcohol solution on a cotton swab or wash your face. You must remove excess oils to securely ensure that the wig adheres to the skin.

Protect your real curls with a wig cap, and apply the glue or wig adhesive to your scalp. Ensure the glue doesn’t touch your hair but is put on your bare skin. Or you can stick to glueless wigs as well. 

3. Align The Wig Hairline

To obtain a natural look, connect your natural hairline with the hairline of your short bob wig and tease it to blend. Using your fingers or a little brush, tease your hairline and along the wig’s part with a small bit of dry shampoo. Even better, use style gel to add baby hair around the hairline to make the front look more natural.

4. Trim Your Bob Wig If Required

You may need to cut your bob wig to make it look more natural at times. To avoid damaging the wig, have a professional hairstylist clip your hair, cutting off layers and edges to achieve a natural look.

5. Styling

Also, you can avail any hairstyles on your bob wigs. Be it curly, straight, or wavy, you can achieve any hairstyle. They are versatile. From cute buns to half up, half down, space buns for short hair are something you must try. If you feel over-styling makes your bob wigs look unnatural and worn out, give it a break. Use essential oils to add moisture and regain the life of your wigs. Follow a daily hair care routine for this. 

Style bob wig in any ways you want

Rest it all follows on what type of short hair wigs you choose to make it look more natural. If you want to accentuate the light color, choose a one- or two-tone lighter shade so that it blends and takes no time to give a natural look. Bob wigs are stunning and fun to experiment with. They can make your face look attractive and modify your appearance, regardless of the size, color, or age of your face. 

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