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How to Install Verizon Email on Outlook

  • Start Microsoft Outlook MS Outlook email client program on your laptop or PC by clicking the icon if you’ve made a shortcut to it. Alternately, you can access the method of clicking on”all programs” or the “all software” list.
  • Once you have completed the application’s launch After that, select the tool or on the file option at the top left corner of your screen in order to expand this “files section”.
  • Thereafter, you’ll have to click on the info. There will be an array of options pop onto your screen. Select account settings from the options available.
  • Select the email tab from the tiny wizard that appears in your browser.
  • From the email tab, click on the new. This will trigger the start of a wizard that is called “add the account”.
  • You’ll need to input your details into the “auto account set-up” window. Select”email account” to proceed “email account” option to activate this feature.
  1. Input your name as appropriate within the Name field.
  2. Input the correct Verizon email in outlook correct within the field for email addresses.
  3. Input your Verizon account password with care within the fields for the password.
  4. Then enter the password again in the field to retype password for confirmation of the password.
  • After you have entered all the correct information After you have entered all the information correctly, select the option which reads “manual configuration or additional servers” by pressing it. Next, press to move onto”choose server” page “choose server” page.
  • Find and click”internet email” from the choose server page “internet email” option on the select server page, and then click the next.

A window titled “internet email settings” will appear. You must fill in the email settings that you have set for the Verizon email account in the window.

  1. Information about the userType your name correctly and the correct email address into the name and email fields.
  2. Server information: You need to select IMAP or POP3 to fill in this account type. Input the mail server for incoming field by using to POP3 or to select IMAP. Input to both IMAP as well as POP3 in the text of the mail server that is outgoing in field.
  3. Sign in information – You’ll be required to enter your email address as well as your password for your account with Verizon account in the specific fields.
  • Make sure to check the “remember password” as well as the “requires login with Secure password authentication” choices Both of these options are at the bottom left on your display.
  • Then, click next, click on the “more configurations” option to go to the next page, where you’ll need to select”outgoing servers tab “outgoing server tab” to set up the following:
  1. You must that “my external server needs authentication” option.
  2. Next , you must you must agree to the “use the same Comcast email not working as my email server” option.
  • Then click then the Advanced option to access the Advanced tab, where you can enter the correct ports settings below.
  1. The server that is incoming for POP3-You will be using 995.
  2. The IMAP-You server that will be incoming will be using 993
  3. The server that is no longer in use-Use 465 to access this
  4. Type of encryption connection – SSL

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