How to Install and Configure QuickBooks Web Connector?

The QuickBooks Web Connector is a program for Microsoft Windows that allows the web-based application to exchange data with the QuickBooks Desktop. The Web Connector is a cloud-based accounting service used to manage bills, accept bills and handle payrolls. In this blog, we explain each step for setting up the Web Connector on the Windows OS. 

What Does QuickBooks Web Connector Mean?

The Web Connector is a program used to merge the QuickBooks Desktop with different third-party online programs to share the data. It automatically opens the online program files with the .qbw extension. Intuit has documented more than 500 programs that can be merged with QuickBooks and exchange data. Now, after knowing the Web Connector, it’s time to set it up. 


How to Install QuickBooks Web Connector?

You must install the Web Connector application if you use QuickBooks in multi-user mode. It should be installed on every workstation in the network that requires exchanging data from third-party online programs. Now, follow the steps to install the Web Connector QuickBooks:


  1. In the initial step, create a new folder in the C Drive and name it Temp.

  2. Secondly, download the QB Web Connector from the Intuit Website and save the download file.

  3. After that, go to the downloaded file location and move the downloaded QBwebconnect file to the Temp folder created in the C drive. 

  4. Now, right-click on the QBWC Zip file and choose Extract Here.

  5. In the next step, click right on the QBWenconnector.exe file and choose the Run as an Administrator option.

  6. Click on Run to proceed with the installation.

  7. Follow the on-screen installation steps.

  8. When the installation completes, reach the Desktop screen and open the Web Connector application. 


After the installation, now it’s time to use the Web Connector.


How to Configure QuickBooks Web Connector?

Configuring the web connector is a simple process. You can follow the given steps:


  1. Firstly, choose the desired third-party program from the program list in the Web Connector window. 

  2. Then, enter the QuickBooks Password, created in the third-party program. 

  3. Now, click on the Update button and choose “Start the Data Exchange” 

  4. After that, return to the QB integration screen in the third-party online application.

  5. At last, click on Next to exit the configuration screen. 


How to Add an Application to QuickBooks Web Connector?

To add an application to Web Connector QuickBooks, follow the given steps:


  1. First, choose the File from the QuickBooks and then the Update Web Service tab.

  2. Then, choose the Manage Web Apps tab.

  3. Now, click on the Setup option, which is next to the app you wish to add. You will redirect to the app’s website where you can log in. 

  4. From the app site, click on Connect to QuickBooks.

  5. At last, click on Done to end the setup process.


Sometimes, the users find difficulty installing the web connector. So to overcome this situation we provide the steps in the following section. 


How to Overcome QuickBooks Web Connector Installation Problem?

Whenever you are stuck in a situation where you are facing issues while installing the web connector on the computer. In such a situation you must fo uninstall and reinstall the web connector with the following steps:


  1. Press the Windows+R keys to access the Run Command.

  2. Then, in the Run Command windows, type Control Panel and then press the Enter button.

  3. Now, from the Control Panel, choose Programs.

  4. After that, click on Uninstall a Program tab.

  5. Here, a list of installed programs displays, choose Web Connector from the list and right-click on it. 

  6. Now, choose Uninstall option.

  7. Again choose Uninstall to confirm.

  8. In some time the Web Connector will uninstall from the computer.


If you can’t find the web connector in the installed program list then, go to C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\ or,

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\

From here, you can remove the Web Connector from the computer easily.

TO re-install the Web Connector follow the How to Install Web Connector section.


Wrapping Up

QuickBooks Web Connector is advanced to connect with third-party online applications and exchange QuickBooks data. With this guide, we provide the step-by-step procedure to install and configure Web Connector. However, if you feel you want to talk to the experts then dial 1-877-683-3280 to get immediate assistance. Thank You!

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