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How To Improve FPS in Minecraft

Minecraft is a very interesting and worldwide popular video game for game enthusiasts. But sometimes users start facing issues about Minecraft launcher not opening, low FPS, and slow speed of the game which affects the overall gameplay. This uneven gameplay can be due to several reasons such as the low processing power of the system, cache files, background applications, etc.

When it comes to FPS and overall performance, players who want massive expansion, building, and item collection may run into some issues. Having low FPS will lead to a choppy and unpleasing game experience.

FPS – Frame per second is defined as the frequency of consecutive images being formed by the device which creates an animated sequence. Hence, FPS plays a very crucial role in making the gameplay worth interesting and fun.

But there are no worries, you can easily and substantially enhance your Minecraft experience by reducing lag from your game and boosting the FPS.

In this article, we will see some of the easiest, most effective, and best ways to smooth out a choppy or stuttering frame rate that is slowing things down. Some of these techniques will help you in achieving a huge increase in frame rate and will enhance your game.

Techniques to Achieve Smooth FPS

Below explained are some of the easy steps that will help you get better gameplay.

Let us first start with getting updated in every way i.e. having your system, software, and game up-to-date.

Update your System software

The first step is to make sure that your system software is in its updated version as it will ensure the optimum speed, performance, and result of your desired program. So, before everything get your Windows system updated. To update, Go to settings and check for the latest updates in the Windows panel. If there are any, run them.

Update graphic card drivers

Many of the users are not aware that a better and smooth gameplay somewhere depends on their Graphic cards. Hence, it is beneficial to keep your graphic drivers updated timely.  You can either update drivers from your system or can download updated drivers from the respective GPU manufacturer’s official website.

To update graphic card drivers in your system, go to Device Manager>Display adapters.

Now choose the Graphic card you want to update and right-click on it. Choose the Update driver.

Update Minecraft game

It is the basic practice to update the launcher of the game timely whenever the official releases the newest version of Minecraft. In every new version, all the bugs and issues that occurred in the previous version are fixed.

So, it is advisable to update your Minecraft game launcher in time, it might solve your problem and help in improving FPS handily.

Close non-essential processes

There are many applications that, when they are closed, tend to run processes in the background. These background processes are unnecessary but still occupy the space and process power of the system which can be utilized in your game. Hence, it becomes important to close such processes.

Go to Task Manager>Processes tab. Scroll down to unnecessary tasks and end them. 

Give Java high priority

For some of the users, changing the priority of the Java file to high turned out to be an effective solution to their issues related to the online game. Try giving it a shot.

Go to Task Manager>Details>Java file. Set the priority high by right-clicking on it.

Close Fullscreen mode

It is obvious that you might find this step to be irrelevant and that it would decrease or hamper your gameplay experience. Yes it is true, playing with fullscreen gives the best and most wholesome experience, but if you start facing issues with FPS, it is worth compromising.

To exit fullscreen mode, go to Minecraft shortcut>Properties>Compatibility tab. Now choose Disable fullscreen optimization and press apply. 

Alter In-game settings

In order to achieve desired video gaming experience, your default settings might not work in your favor. Also, if your video settings are set high for a fancy experience, it might appear great to you but in return will lower your speed and FPS of the game. To sort this, try altering the appropriate game settings given below.

  1. Decrease the Field of View – FOV.
  1. Set Graphics as “Fast”.
  2. Reduce the resolution of the game.
  3. While playing multiplayer, try to avoid being near the crowd.
  4. Turn the V-sync off.
  5. Decrease the Biome Smoothening.
  6. Disable the mipmaps.
  7. Turn the Smooth lightning and clouds off.
  8. Change particles to minimal.
  9. Reduce the render distance.
  10. Change maximum fps to unlimited.

Keep the game less complicated

We all know Minecraft gives ample modifications and customizations to create your own experience and play. But overcrowding your gameplay will not enhance but will only create disturbances and low FPS.

Hence, it is better to keep the game simpler to get a smooth and error-free gaming experience

Use third-party Minecraft mods

Sometimes, third-party optimizing mods work perfectly and easily for solving the errors and improving FPS in Minecraft. If the manual methods seem tiring to you or are not working effectively, you can make use of such optimizing mods. There are a plethora of optimizing mods available which will help you in improving your game effectively.  Here listed are some of the effective Minecraft mods.

  • FPS Plus
  • TexFix
  • OptiFine
  • Better FPS
  • Sodium
  • Minecraft Tweaker
  • Phosphor
  • FerriteCore
  • FPS Reducer
  • Lithium
  • Dynamic FPS

All these optimizing mods are available on their respective official sites to download. If you wish, you may get them from there and experience smooth gameplay.

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To conclude, In this post, we have seen some handy and quick methods which will help in improving your Minecraft gameplay and also will help you in achieving a better Frame rate. If you are constantly struggling between fancy settings and better performance of the game, you may go through this post, it will help you effectively.

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