How To Hire an App Developer for Your Business?

How to find an app developer? This is the question facing today’s entrepreneurs. Applications dominate the digital industry, which means You should tap this market. In this age of screens and memes, every customer has a smartphone, which means they can carry your business in their pocket.

The best thing you can do to help your business grow in this situation is to hire an app developer. Let’s look at how to find an app developer that best suits your business needs.

There are three options for hiring an app developer for your start-up. You can hiring dedicated developers as an in-house, hire a freelance developer, or outsource your app development to a reputed company. Let’s compare the three options in brief.

1. Hire an Application Developer as part of your in-house team

The first thing start-ups often consider is hiring an app developer as a full-time employee. However, over the past decade, this trend has subsided. This is because when you hire an app developer for your start-up, you face all the hiring challenges including rising infrastructure and HR costs.

Benefits of hiring an in-house app developer

  • You can hire someone who fits your start-up culture.
  • In-house teams tend to be more reliable and easier to communicate with.
  • They are your resource for any unforeseen events in the development lifecycle.

Disadvantages of Hiring an In-House Developer

  • Hiring a full-time in-house developer requires lots of time and investment.
  • You have to give many benefits including the paid leaves.
  • It is more difficult for start-ups to retain full-time employees.
  • You have to manage their work load and tasks incorporate your time in the project management process.
  • A developer comes with limited skills and expertise
  • How to measure and improve the productivity of your software development team

2. Hiring a Freelance Developer on a Contract Basis

Many start-ups hire freelance developers when they do not have the capacity to onboard an in-house developer. This is a very common option because of the benefits of hiring freelancers. However, many businesses eventually recourse to other options when working with freelancers. Let’s look at the advantages of hiring dedicated developers.

Benefits of Hiring Freelancers

  • You can find various options on popular platforms like Fiverr, or Upwork.
  • Many freelance developers are willing to work for less pay than in-house employees.
  • You don’t need to offer any benefits or benefits to freelance developers.
  • You can avoid setting up hardware and software infrastructure as freelancers do not work outside your office.

Disadvantages of Hiring Freelancers

  • It is risky to hire a freelancer, as they can leave your project without any notice period.
  • You will not have any guarantee of quality of work.
  • Freelancers usually work with multiple clients, at the same time, so they don’t fully focus to your project alone.
  • The freelance developer works alone, so they might not able to maintain the code quality and review the code. Code review and quality check become your responsibility.
  • You may still need to hire other professionals like UX designers, app tester for the project, etc.
  • The affiliation with the Freelance Developer terminates after software delivery. You will need to hire someone else to maintain or upgrade your app in the future.

3. Hire an Application Development Company to Outsource Your Project

Outsourcing your development projects to an app development company is the ideal middle ground for start-ups. It is cheaper and more practical than hiring an in-house team. Plus, these companies have a lot of industry expertise and are more reliable than freelancers. Let’s look at the Benefits of Hiring App Developers from a reputed app development company.

Benefits of Hiring an App Development Company

  • You get complete project management services from business analysis and design to application development and testing.
  • Application development agencies have been working with full teams for many years. So, they have well-established processes, communication channels and code quality benchmarks.
  • An application development company has experts and consultants for every aspect of software development. So, they can help you with your strategy, document requirements, and set deadlines and budgets.
  • App development companies build organizations for the long-term success of the app. They help you launch your app, maintain it and upgrade it to suit your changing needs.

How to hire an app developer for your business?

If you’re outsourcing software development services or hire an app developer, use these key points to filter your options.

Experience and proof of work

For how to hire offshore & onshore developers, it is important to test their experience in this area. Find candidates or developers who have built great apps in the past. Check out their portfolio, ask them to provide references from their clients. Many B2B directories can help you find the right fit. For example, LinkedIn is a great platform to quickly lookup a complete list of potential candidates.

Check out seller testimonials on LinkedIn and the kind of reviews they’ve received from your clients. Reviews enable you to see what it would be like to work with a candidate.

Technologies with which your potential application developer works

You may be a start-up today, but after 2-3 years, you will not be a start-up. That’s why you must consider how your application will work in the future.

Application scalability and enhancements are directly affected by the technologies used to build the application. So, hire an app developer or app development company proficient in modern technology and up-to-date.

As a start-up, you are always under pressure. So, when interviewing candidates, ask them how they can help you reduce application development costs by using open-source and free tools.

Project Management and Communication Norms

How do you know that the candidate you hire will ensure that your application is submitted on time? If you the dedicated developer talks about the Software Development Life Cycle then they follow and gives you a timeline, then you know you can trust them.

Project management greatly affects the cost-effectiveness and timeliness of the project. So, while shortlisting the candidates, ask them about their SDLC and the project management tools used.

You should hire a company that works with project management tools compatible with your in-house team. Also, be sure to check how often your app developer communicates with you, how they share project progress, and how they keep pace with your changing needs.

Handing challenges

Start-ups face many challenges as technical talent is in high demand, and most of them spend a lot on start-ups. If you want outsourcing software development company, you have three options to choose from. Hire an in-house developer, freelance developer or development company.

Experts recommend hiring an application development company that is lighter on the pocket than an in-house team and guarantees much higher quality than hiring freelancers.

Check out their portfolios and reviews of B2B directories as you shortlist dedicated developers to outsource your project. Ensure they use project management methods consistently and are transparent in their communication.


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