A Home viewing setup

How to Get the Best Viewing Experience at Home

The rise of online streaming services has made it essential to have the best home entertainment setup. 4K UHD definition streaming continues becoming more prevalent, meaning homeowners want home viewing setups that support such content.

Considering that movie theatres are witnessing declining attendance, it’s no secret that an increasing number of people prefer to watch most content online from the comfort of their homes. And who can blame them? Nothing beats the convenience of watching your favourite show or a brand new action blockbuster while idly lounging on your sofa. Likewise, you might prefer to binge your favourite TV show while lying in bed. You’ll need an excellent home viewing setup for either option.

Creating the ideal home entertainment setup is easier said than done. It’s a costly endeavour. However, it’ll benefit you in the long run. Many homeowners have started creating home theatres because they help increase their home’s value. Whether you want to create a home theatre or not is your choice. However, you’ll still want the proper setup to stream movies and TV shows.

How to Get The Best Viewing Experience at Home

Here’s how to get the best viewing experience at home:

Select a 4K UHD Projector or TV

You’ll have to choose between a UHD projector or TV based on your needs. Most homeowners prefer projectors if their room is more spacious. Projectors offer a larger screen size at a cost-effective price. However, most modern TVs have also become affordable. You can easily find a good 4K Smart TV, provided you aren’t looking for a screen size over 80 inches.

The Epson EH-TW7000 is an impressive and affordable 4K Ultra HD projector perfect for your media consumption. It features a 3000 lumens bulb that makes it usable in dark settings and well-lit rooms. The projector also provides an excellent contrast ratio of 40000:1 and has a long lamp life of over 5000 hours.

Likewise, the Epson EH-TW7100 is an upgrade on the TW7000. While the TW7100 is slightly more expensive, it offers a significantly higher contrast ratio of 100000:1. In addition, it also has a substantially higher screen size, capping out at 500 inches.

Use a Projector Lift

You’ll need a projector lift if you’re opting for a projector. The last thing you want is to stack your projector atop boxes and books because that will hamper your viewing experience. A projector lift is necessary to get the best possible viewing angles and height. Fortunately, many different projector lifts exist that could fulfil your needs.

The Saphire SAPPL04 Lift Mechanism is an excellent budget option for smaller projectors. It has a 190mm height and a maximum lift range of 1000mm. People with larger-sized projectors can opt for the Future Automation PD3.5 Lift Mechanism, the market leader for most home viewing projects.

Other options also include the Screen Internation SI-100 and SI-200 projector lifts. The SI-100 is a motorised projector lift with an 815mm total drop. It’s ideal for installing above the ceiling. The SI-200 has a maximum total drop of 1724mm, making it ideal for larger rooms.

A projector with a projector lift

Use Lift Mechanisms or Wall Brackets for TVs

You’ll need to invest in wall brackets or lift mechanisms if opting for a TV. These mechanisms and wall brackets are crucial for optimal viewing angles and height. Otherwise, you won’t get the best possible home viewing experience.

The Surface Mounted Ceiling Hinge TV Lift System is perfect for homeowners with limited space. This TV lift system can be retrofitted to any ceiling type. The TV pops up from the ceiling, giving you optimal viewing angles. The ceiling TV lift supports screen sizes up to 46 inches.

The Future Automation FSE90 Motorised Swivel Flat Screen TV Wall Mount is excellent for TVs between 23 and 40 inches. It provides a full 90-degree swivel in either direction, making it the ideal choice to get the optimal viewing experience.

A Home viewing setup

Homeowners with limited space in their bedroom can also get the Future Automation UBL Under Bed TV Lift. It’s a unique product that hides your flat-screen TV underneath the bed when not in use.

The Lithe Audio Motorised Flip Down Ceiling TV Mount is also an excellent motorised wall mount option for homeowners on a budget. It supports TVs up to 55-inches. The product is ideal for bedrooms or other rooms with pitched ceilings and limited space.


A Home viewing setup

Invest in the Right Sound System

You’ll also want to invest in a quality audio setup for the optimal viewing experience. Sound plays a significant factor in your viewing experience. Imagine watching a Christopher Nolan movie without hearing Hans Zimmer’s iconic soundtrack. Your experience wouldn’t be the same.

The Lithe Audio Passive Speaker is an excellent option for gamers. The in-ceiling loudspeaker provides powerful and clear sound. In addition, it features a Kevlar woven woofer cone that delivers smooth, uncoloured mids. The speaker also has a high-quality rubber surround, ensuring consistent performance for years.

Other viable options for gamers include the ATON A60C in-ceiling speaker, the ATON A62ST in-ceiling speaker, and the KEF Ci160TR Ultra Slim Speaker.

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