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How to Get 10K Reels Views on Instagram Every Time?

Do you also wonder how to get 10K reels views on Instagram every time? So today we will tell you the ways in which you can achieve this goal.

Do you know that there are more than 2 billion active users on Instagram each month and you can post in every way on Instagram? Like stories, feed posts, IGTV, and the most famous feature, reels.

Out of these, maximum engagement comes from reels. And nowadays, everyone uploads reels on their Instagram.

Now you must be wondering whether those who have more followers get more views on their reels. It is not so, because getting more views on the reels depends on many things. But if you want to boost your reels views instantly so followersindia can help you with that. 

And today we are going to tell you about the same things by which you can get 10K reels views on your Instagram.

Create a Custom Thumbnail

You must have often seen that there are many videos on YouTube that have such great thumbnails that people definitely click to watch them.

And if you ever check the views of those videos, you will see millions of views. The main reason for this is the custom thumbnail of those videos.

It’s just like that happens on Instagram as well. If you have created a reel, make sure to put a custom thumbnail on it before uploading it. Otherwise, Instagram will automatically pick up any picture from that reel and put it on the thumbnail.

You should always make an eye-catching thumbnail of your reel and it should be related to the content of your reel.

Because the user will first see the thumbnail of your video in the feed, and if the thumbnail eye is not harvested, then he will not click on that video. So if you want to get 10k reels views on Instagram, then make sure to use a good custom thumbnail.

Create Useful Content

Friends, how many more views, likes, and shares will come on your Instagram reels? It depends entirely on your content. If your content is not giving any value to the audience, then no one will want to see that reel.

Those videos that provide some value to the people are more likely to go viral. Think of yourself as an audience. What kind of content do you like to watch and why do you share or like the reels?

Obviously, you get some value from that reel only when you see those kinds of reels. Similarly, other users also like to watch content that makes them laugh or gives some value.

You have to create exactly the same content according to your niche. For this, you can get an idea by watching the videos of other creators.

More Shares Means More Views

You’ve probably seen creators ask to share their videos in their reels. This brings more views and likes to his Instagram feed. Similarly, to get 10K reels views on your Instagram, you have to share that video with more people.

That’s why after uploading the reels, you must put them on your Instagram story so that if your followers miss that reel on the feed, they can see it through the story. 

And if they find your reel valuable, they will definitely share it in their stories or with their friends. With this, views will start coming to your videos immediately.

Use of Hashtags that Get More People to See the Reel

Hashtags have a very important role in the reach of a post. If you are not using the right hashtags, then you can never get 10,000 views on your reels.

You can use 30 hashtags on Instagram, but you should use only 10-15 hashtags. And you have to use different types of hashtags.

  1. Business Hashtags
  2. Content-Related Hashtags
  3. Popular Hashtags
  4. Your Brand Hashtags

You have to use hashtags for these categories. With this, your reel will be visible on the feeds of more people, and if your content is good enough, it will be shared further.


We have told you these ways by which you can get 10k views every time on your Instagram reels. You have to upload your reels, just keeping these things in mind. But if you feel that even after trying these methods, your videos are not getting views, then you can also buy Instagram reels views in India. We will help you to grow your social media presence, you just have to click on the available link to visit our website.


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