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How to fix Gmail Problems on iPhone devices?

Gmail supports almost all devices whether it is iPhone, Windows PC, or Android phones. Because there are millions of people who prefer to use Gmail for their email-related work. This is the reason that there ate lots of load on the server due to which you might start facing the issue. We will discuss the exact troubleshooting methods to fix Gmail problems on iPhone devices.

There are two main problems due to which Gmail users are stuck. Security and receiving emails. Let’s have a look at both of them one by one and then, move ahead with resolution.

1 Problem: Security Problem

Security is of course the main concern for companies and people. No one wants to get sued and customers even don’t want to have their personal information stolen. Unfortunately, security becomes too tough and no explanations are provided. Many people find that they are locked of their own accounts.

2 Problem: Not Getting Mail

Not only security is the issue. There are so many customers who find themselves in conditions where they find that their email suddenly stops loading. The user might start facing issues while receiving emails.

Fixing for Gmail on iPhone or iPad

The main problem is entering incorrect passwords. If you have entered the wrong password then, there might be instances of not getting emails. Follow the troubleshooting methods.

Method 1- Check Gmail official Websites for Alerts

If you enter the correct credentials and even after that, are still not able to sign in then, visit Gmail official website. Visiting the official website will let you know the error behind this sign-in issue which isn’t possible with the iOS app. It is recommendable to use your computer for the same as it is simple to check everything on a big screen. If you don’t have a computer then, you can do it on your iPhone too.

Open Safari or Chrome on your device and go to There you have to provide the credentials including email ID and password. If you are using an iPhone, you will see the notification that asks you to download the app but this is not the right time. Tap on the small “Mobile Gmail Site” link that appears at the bottom of the screen.

When you login in, look for the alert box or email in the inbox which says “someone has your password”. Or you might see “we blocked a sign-in attempt”. If you see that message then, click on the link inside “Review Devices Now”, “That Was Me” or the same.

Method 2- Do CAPTCHA Reset

Gmail has a less-known fix known as CAPTCHA reset that unlocks some of the security features of Google. It allows the new devices to connect to Gmail. For CAPTCHA Reset, you have to visit the CAPTCHA Reset Page of google and that is Now you have to sign in with the username and password and sign in to your mail account on iPhone. This is the time when the sign-in issue will fix and Google will remember your device to prevent you from issues.

Method 3- Review Recent Devices on Google Official Website

Even if you didn’t receive an email about the blocked sign-in attempt, it is good to visit the section. This section is known as Device activity and notifications on Google’s My Account official website. You will be able to see all of the current devices which attempt to log in to the account. Also, it helps to unblock the ones who were you.

Method 4- Remove Gmail Account from iPhone and Setup Again

If you are able to access without any issue, you verify that the device is not being blocked on device notifications and activity. Make sure that you are completed the CAPTCHA reset and make sure to enable IMAP. It is time to try the latest version of the “unplug it and plugin back in” solution. There you have to remove your Gmail account from your iPhone and then setup it again.

In most cases, all of the emails are stored in the Gmail servers. It means that when you remove your Gmail account from the iPhone, you are not removing anything from the server automatically. When you set up your account once again then, all of your emails, contacts, and notes will come back to the mailbox.


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