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How to Find Best Dog Breed Selector Tool

If you are new to choosing a dog for you, it can be a titillating process as the responsibility of owning another living being is massive. Different Dog Breed Selector are suitable for different climatic conditions. All breeds of dogs are distinct and unique and demand a different type of care so it is very important to know which dog are you suitable for otherwise, you might just end up regretting being a pet owner, which is otherwise a beautiful journey. 

Monkoodog brings to you a series of questions to assess what kind of breed you are looking for and what breed would be the most suitable to your needs and requirements.

Questions to Assess the Perfect Breed for You


Different Dog Breed Selector are suitable for different climatic conditions. Certain dog breeds like living in cold weather whereas certain breeds thrive more in hot weather conditions. Which place you inhabit greatly influences the kind of breed you can get back with you.

Your Experience with Dogs

The kind of breed you want greatly depends on whether it is your first time getting a dog or not. There are many breeds that are not suitable for first-time pet owners as they can be slightly difficult to handle.

Living Condition

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility and you have to think about them from their perspective. There are dogs that adjust well in all kinds of settings like apartments, flats, houses and bungalows but there are also certain breeds that need more space and cannot adjust well in smaller spaces.

Family Details

In some cases getting a dog might not go well with your family’s requirements and needs. If you go for a toy breed but you have kids at your home who are not as careful and responsible then there is a great chance of them unconsciously harming the dog. You need to read up on the dog’s personality and temperament and then choose one breed that would go well with your family conditions.

Time Devoted to Physical Activity

Before getting a dog you have to read up on their requirements for physical activity and whether or not you will be able to provide them with that. If you are going to be away from home for a longer duration and would not be able to spare enough time for your dog then you must go for a breed that required minimal physical activity and vice versa.

Your Expectations from the Dog

You cannot simply get a dog because you like the way they look. There are a hundred things to consider before that for example, what do you want from your dog, are you looking for a companion dog or a cuddly dog or a therapy dog. Dogs have evolved to meet so many of human requirements that you have to now consider before getting one.

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You have to take in account the allergies, if any, your family members might have around dogs.

Your Perfect Idea of Spending Time with the Dog

This might seem like a silly question but this can provide a lot of perspective on the kind of activities you are looking forward to doing with your dog which differs from breed to breed. 

Mental Activities

Dogs do not only need physical activities but also mentally stimulating activities, otherwise, things might get boring with them. They need a little change time and again to stay indulged in playful activities, training and exercise, so you have to ensure to make time for them for this.

Does Fur Bother You

This is a very important question. Some people get pets and then get annoyed after seeing fur everywhere. If you mind the cleaning process, you should take a pause at the thought of getting a dog as they are going to make a mess in your house, at least in the beginning.

Grooming Process of Dog Breed Selector Tool

Dogs need constant care and attention regarding their grooming process or they might start smelling and/or can even get sick. You have to make time for things like these.

Training and Socialising

All breeds come with different demands regarding their training but all breeds need to be taught socialising from a very young age. You have to spare time for this or your dog would not be able to adjust in strange settings later on, which might be problematic for you as well.

Separation Anxiety

Most dog breeds suffer from separation anxiety which is why it is important to either crate train them or have someone always around you and your dog. 

These are some of the questions that when correctly answered would lead you to your destined pet breed. There are various other prerequisites to selecting a dog breed but answering these questions will provide you with certain clarity regarding what you are looking for in your dog breed selector.

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