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How To Draw An Alien 

How to Draw an Alien 

The query of whether we are solitary in the galaxy has been on the lips of humanity for centuries. Despite some alleged UFO sightings and glimpses, we certainly don’t know what they would look like if the aliens were real. This absence of confidence hasn’t prevented people from guessing what they might look like, and several popular models have come out. If you desire to see out how to draw your alien design, then this guide is for you! Our step-by-step guide on drawing an alien will show you how to draw your alien friend! Cartoon drawing easy

How to Draw an Alien – Let’s Obtain Activated!

Step 1

We will draw a big round head for the alien in this guide on drawing an alien. We will draw a large rounded shape with a very small base. The shape of the head should almost resemble that of a balloon. Create confidence to exit some space at the bottom of this shape, where the body will soon connect with the head.

Step 2: Draw the upper body.

We will draw your alien’s shoulders for this element of your alien drawing. This should be a relatively forthright step, as all you need to do is draw two slightly curved lines coming straight down from the head. That’s it, and you are prepared for step 3!

 Step 3 – Next, draw the first component and the first body of your exotic

To draw the arm on our right, you can extend the line from the shoulder you drew in the earlier step of your alien drawing. The component will be very light and have three fingers on it. Once you’ve drawn the arm hanging down from the alien’s side, you can draw another curved line that goes up to the alien’s armpit. Ultimately, draw the other flank of the alien’s body by pulling another curved line.

Step 4 – Nowadays, draw another component for your alien

The alien’s other arm will be raised slightly, unlike the previous arm hanging down next to the alien. Just pull the arm straight from the shoulder to our left to add that arm. If you wanted, you could have him higher, perhaps as a friendly wave or for him to hold a less friendly space ray rifle!

Step 5 – Draw paws for your alien

Your alien friend needs legs to stand upon, so let’s add them in this step of our guide on drawing an alien! To add these legs, draw a line on either side of the alien’s lower body. Then draw a line between them to make space between the legs, then draw rounded feet on the ends of the legs. You can also alter the structure of the legs and feet a bit if you prefer! Maybe the feet could have big long toes for an added fun detail.

Step 6 – Now draw a look for your alien

Before we continue choosing shades for your alien sketch, we’ll be looking at them in this action! This is another step where you can change things up if you want a different look for the face or prefer a different facial expression. If you follow our design, use two rounded shapes with sharp tips at the corners of the eyes. Then use two points for the nose. You can finish by using a curved line for a smiling mouth below the nostrils.

This is the method we selected for the drawing, but if you are arguing for a weird and wacky alien face design, then go ahead and draw it so we can see! You can also add any additional fun details you would like to give to this design. Maybe you could draw a spacesuit on your alien, or maybe give us a taste of what the alien world this guy came from would be like!

Step 7: Finish your alien drawing with color.

No one has ever witnessed an alien in their whole life (as far as we know), which means when you imagine what an alien might look like, there’s room for a lot of imagination. This is a location where you have to let your creativity handle especially and show us what you can do! Anything goes when it comes to colors for this image. You can go for something incredibly bright and vibrant with some crazy models for an approach. Alternatively, you could just as easily use darker and softer colors for a different effect.


You can also have fun with the mounts you use. For this photo, it can be fun to use different media together! You could perhaps use acrylic paints and colored pens for the alien while still using watercolors and crayons for the background. This is simply one of the numerous opportunities available to you, so how do you go about coloring your image?

Your alien drawing is finished!

This step-by-step guide to drawing an alien was created to show you that you can easily create a stunning image when you have a few easy steps to follow! It was also designed to be a lot of fun to use, so we hope you had fun working on it. Now you can take your design to the next level by adding your touches such as fun extra details, a cool background, or the amazing colors and artistic mediums you choose.


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